Monday, September 2, 2013


Happy Mandala Monday!!  I am joining Dawn and her beautiful Mandala inspirations. I love having a variety of things from around the yard to use in mine. This one was actually made in the beginning of August, it's nice to come back a month later and see it again and remember that JOY in making the first ones. That JOY is still with me and I'm looking forward to adding some FALL items into my upcoming mandalas. The leaves are changing just a little bit here and some new pretty's are growing.
For this mandala, I wanted to use color/flowers but didn't have much in my yard. Then I remembered my artificial flowers I keep for decorating around my house. These white and pink flowers were just what I needed. The other items include, pinecones, broken sticks, long think green stems (LOVE) and in the middle is this wild never ending weed that grows in our front flower bed. I wrapped it up into a circle for the middle and like adding things to it. It was very hot this day and my feet were burning up on the cement, finally had to get my shoes on.
Thanks Dawn for inspiring me and letting us share this beautiful way to start the week. Stop by her blog and see what she has made this week. Feel free to join us in making one too, it really is a peaceful way to connect with nature and bring calmness to a busy day.
I will be here tomorrow for T time and have other fun posts planned for this week!!
Have a great Monday everyone and thanks so much for your visits and comments!


  1. At first I thought you were at the beach! hahaha
    It is nice to look back on ones that you have made and be reminded of what was happening that day; the weather, a moment. It's very special.
    Happy Mandala Monday to you!

  2. Lovely mandala, Dawn. It shows how improvisation is the mother of invention. This mandala would not have been possible without the flowers, even though they came from your house and not your garden. And Dawn is right. It does look like a beach scene. Happy Monday, Mandala Monday!

  3. This is so pretty. At first glance, I thought the green was sidewalk chalk. :) Have a beautiful Monday.

  4. This is such a simple & sweet mandala :). LOVE the pine cones accents and the pop of colors from the flowers. In just a few weeks, you're going to be making lots of earthy mandala from the falling leaves & dried flowers, how fun is that?. Ohh, and the baby pumpkins!! :). The sunflowers, cat tails & twigs. I feel like camping out in your garden :).

  5. What a wonderful way to start your week, Dawn! I absolutely love your Mandala! It is so cool to see one made with real flowers and things from around your house/yard! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us, and for sharing Dawn's blog, too. And I really want to thank you for your wonderful and kind words posted at my blog, too. I just can't thank you enough for your wonderful friendship!!! HUGS!!!!!

  6. I love your mandala, so pretty!
    Don't stress up with the direct post thingy, I just thought it would be easier for people to find your OBW post, here's the step, see if you could get it.
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    3. Look at your page, it is now not just your blogspot, it will come with the series of words followed, such as 2013/09/mandala-monday.html
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    Try it and let me know if it helps, we will find a way to you there! : )

  7. Your pretty mandala makes a lovely wheel ...

  8. I love your mandala.. I did one too this week.. on the blog!

  9. Love the white and pink flowers here. Natural flowers will be difficult to get now so this is also a brilliant idea.

  10. So many beautiful pictures to look at Dawn, great start on September.