Saturday, September 14, 2013


TODAY I watched early morning art videos
TODAY they were caught cute
TODAY the sky was amazing
TODAY the wind was blowing
TODAY I was inspired by these ( for Susan)
TODAY the paints came out
TODAY they rode the bus
TODAY we read books
TODAY I sketched faces
TODAY I sketched pumpkins
TODAY I found a visitor hiding
TODAY we waited for Sienna's bus
TODAY she helped make my tea
TODAY we listened to church songs on my playlist
TODAY he found his pockets
TODAY he melt my heart
TODAY they played blocks
Today I took 54 pictures, tried to get just what I wanted to remember and not every random cute thing the little ones did. I took LOTS of sky pictures but didn't post them all here. I know the sky helped me get thru my day, I was tired and a little off today, was still a good day though.
Things I want to remember that aren't in pictures...
Colt calling me Miss. Dawn a lot today for everything
Colt saying thank you soooo cute for everything
Colt asked where my kids were about 50x  no kidding
Colt hugging me more then usual and saying my name
Me excited for the football game tonight, it was against my home town and Heather and girls were going for the first time. My dad was there and we missed Kristin, Annie, Pam though. Great game!
Sienna loves to help make my tea, it's rare so she is fascinated by it
Sienna loves the self timer now that I showed her, too cute
Sienna drank all her milk each time on her own
Lucky was snoring a lot today
Colt's excitement when his dad came, he was screaming and happy
I met Renee's new boyfriend at the game, no words for this
It was cold out and it never rained as predicted
Playing tickle monster with the kids, so much laughter
Sienna singing with me, we love our church songs
Thankful for all these little yet so BIG moments
This week has gone by so fast and it's the home stretch now. Can't wait to put my album together, excited to see how it will turn out. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. Sounds like Friday was a very good day overall. Nicely done and I like how you used the word "Today" to start each thread or thought. I look forward to seeing how that translates in your PL book, too.

    I look forward to the completed project. I knew you could do it. It took some real determination, I'm sure, but I respect that you are now ready to put it all together. That could be the hardest part, too.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. All your pictures have come out great. Both the nature and the family photos are wonderful. I can understand 7 days to keep on tracking and taking pictures can tire you. Add on to that you have to edit and post and journal about them here. That can be too tiring. Hope you have a relaxed and happy weekend. I see that illustration book hope you got some good inspiration from them.Those pumpkin sketches have come out great. Is that a grasshopper on your blinds? There is an old time belief that if a grasshopper is in your house it'll bring in money-:) Hope it's true.
    Hugs and will mail you soon.

  3. I love to see photos of how your day goes, I must check out all of them!. Colt is sooo sweet calling you Miss Dawn, I would feel so much like a lady if I were you :). How nice to see you sketching faces again, and got a little excited to see the paints out. Wonderful time spending with the little ones, especially wandering in the backyard full of sunflowers!.

  4. 54 pictures on one "normal" day. Wow lots to do.
    And then sorting them all out.They look great so lots of fun with the sorting and using them in PL
    Bye Carla

  5. Was really good pumpkin pics, I wish I knew ahead of time for game nite :-/ .. Renee new bf , ohh boy saw her IG pic ... Loved outdoor ones ..keep having fun

  6. Was really good pumpkin pics, I wish I knew ahead of time for game nite :-/ .. Renee new bf , ohh boy saw her IG pic ... Loved outdoor ones ..keep having fun