Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WITL (day one) and T stands for new sTamp

Hello and Happy Tuesday! I'm sharing my first day in WITL with you today, it was a great day of photos and stories. Elizabeth, I found this cute stamp at Wal-Mart and thought it perfect for my PL and for today's cup picture since I don't have any from today. I wrote about your blog hop on the back of the card, so happy to have this place to share with others on Tuesday's. If you'd like to see more about this T Stands for Tuesday, please visit Elizabeth blog where she and several other creative fun ladies share what's going in their world each Tuesday!
For those Tuesday readers today's pictures are from yesterday and is part of a week long project called Week In The Life. It's like my Project Life pictures but in more detail, taking pictures during each day this week and documenting them into an album at the end of the week. This is my 4th time doing it and I LOOOOOVE it. The idea came from the awesome Ali Edwards who shares this on her blog and inspires hundreds to join in with her. She does this once a year, picking a different time of year each time. I have done this project different ways each time, this time is a small binder with page protectors cut down like you see above. I will make a photo collage each day and write about our day too. I will be posting our daily pictures/stories each day this week and will share my album hopefully next week with you. Click on the link above if you'd like to see more WITL like mine.
In the numbers today, I took 117 pictures and deleted 22 of them. Now for the pictures...
Here is one sleeping girl today, she announced when up that it's 5 months till her birthday! SIGH! I so didn't want to remember that, she is my birthday queen, LOVE THAT!
I've walked Lucky many times in these outdoor shoes, this will be the last fall for them since the bottoms are falling off. I loved these shoes, hoping to find the exact kind again.
hello ME ready for the track after taking kids to school
back home to chores, lots of laundry today
This is when it's tough to take pictures, I'm the only one home. I went around and took pictures of things to remember and waited till kids got home to noise and fun to the house again.
Summer always makes her bed, just like I do.
Sam always lines up his pets, still sleeps with all 3 of them
worked on PL, hope to show this tomorrow. It's done but the pictures came out with too many glares on them so I will redo them today. Elizabeth do you see something in here?? 2 things actually??!!
my favorite spot to spread out and keep many ongoing projects on
the kids are home, Summer helping Sam cover his math book, FINALLY!
she was napping after that when I came to tell her dinner was ready, she is my napping queen
a few stories for this picture! we are on our way to soccer practice, I will never get used to this one being in the front beside me (miss seeing his cute face in my rearview mirror) we listen to Faith Hill's Mississippi Girl song on the way to and from soccer, I love that he sings when it's just us and that he listens to Faith Hill and country music, that he likes the window rolled all the way down, after practice when he gets back in he smells sooooo bad I can barely breathe! YEP, LOVE THIS BOY
Ryan my niece also had practice tonight. This brought a sad reminder and time for me tonight. My sister (Ryan's mom) will be moving either this fall or in spring a few towns over. This means no more seeing them at practices, games, school, riding the bus over or quick visits with each other. I'm heartbroken over this, she always said she'd never live in our town, yet she has for 6 years and will leave it again soon. sigh
my mom was there with Ryan and we both noticed the pretty sky. She took some pictures of me getting the beautiful sky behind me. Wish I had someone taking a picture of her doing this, she was laying on the ground on her side and angling camera just right to do this, so funny! Thanks MOM!
not sure why but the last two pictures switched on me, darn it! Came home to find Rich and girls coming down street on their bikes, YAY! So showers for all 3 kids and Rich and I used the self-timer on camera to get a picture of us. Took 5 times and this one is the best of them, not great but will have to do. The kids played on Mine Craft then bedtime. I uploaded all my pictures and couldn't get the collage to work upload at Walgreen's, hope it works today. One day down 6 more to go!! YAY!!
Thank you for your visits here today, hope you enjoyed looking into our day!


  1. That stamp is perfect for T on Tuesday and I like the sound of a week in the life, will have to go and check it out!

  2. I had a lot of fun seeing the first of your days of your life this week and look forward to all the rest this week. That stamp you got is truly PERFECT for T Tuesday.

    So what did I see that you asked if I saw? Of course, I saw the T cup AND your September calendar. I like how you have colored in some of the squares. It made them stand out when I saw the calendar. Really nicely done for your first time out. So much nicer than anything I could do.

    I can tell your day revolves around your family and children, as it should. It's fun to walk the day in your shoes. BTW, I have a pair of shoes nearly like that. Same color and problem with the sole, too. I use mine to mow my yard and do my gardening.

    Thanks for joining T today. So sweet of you to include this fun Tuesday event in your PL post. See you tomorrow.

  3. Thanks for sharing a part of you life. I do miss having kids come home from school and all the junk in the trunk that comes with them. LOL Now I just wait for my GDs to come for a day with me, or even better a sleep-over.
    Enjoy these moments they slip by so fast.

  4. Thanks for sharing you day. My daughter was and still is a napping princess. She always took a nap after school.

  5. Enjoyed sharing your day thru photos. My daughter (at almost 21) has also been the birthday announcement queen. When asked, she used to say her favorite holiday was her birthday!

  6. how fun that cute cup stamp found you...always enjoy when that happens!

    I remember busy days with kids at home...
    a time you think may last forever
    and then
    off they go to college to find their own way...

    Enjoy ♥ Enjoy as clearly you are
    oh and
    naps can be such a good thing too

    Happy T Day dear Dawn

  7. I meant to include "off they go college"

    OR to find their way in life...

    not assuming that all kids go to college as there are so many ways available these days after high school...

  8. It's wonderful to document your day like this. Love all the photos that you have taken especially for all the stories behind them.
    I'd a very busy day yesterday and atlast today i managed to sent you a mail.

  9. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment on my blog.

    I love that you included how many pics you deleted. I am going to have to do that for today's photos.

    I feel your pain over having no one to take photos. My kids are 4 and 14 months so not the greatest of photographers just yet. :)

  10. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog today. Happy T Day! I like your new stamp. :)

    Week in the Life looks like an interesting project. Who knows, maybe I'll try it sometime.

  11. Looks like a busy, exciting day at your house...Love that photo of the sun coming up over the sunflowers. Beautiful! and such a cute family...happy Tuesday!

  12. Wow such a busy day, it is nice for you to share it!

    Cazzy x

  13. Very busy day! I've been dog walking most of mine! Happy Late T day

  14. Lots going on at your house! Love the colors in your bathroom!
    Happy Tuesday!

  15. Love the clouds - they look so pretty - and so do you - was fun taking the pics - and yes - it would've been funny to get a pic of me doing it too - haha - probably good that we didn't - I might've looked a bit foolish - one thing about life - it's always changing - we just have to keep rolling - all will be well - great stories!

  16. Hello, dearest!. I LOVE it so much when you share so many photos of goings on at your home. Especially when you're in the photos, of course :). Your mom took a great photo of your with the gorgeous sky, oh my. You look like a faery, with whispy cloud wings!!. I love your backyard sunflowers in the sunset. I'm going to pin it, shortly. Oh, you and Rich look so cute together :). HUGS.

  17. Forget to say how excited I am with the WITL project you're doing :). Can't wait to read all about it.

  18. What fun pictures!! :)
    Belated Happy T-day!