Friday, September 13, 2013

Week In The Life....Thursday

Good morning Thursday! Today there wasn't much sunshine, it went from HOT to COLD overnight. The day started off good and went downhill after kids came home and started arguing and remained quiet the rest of the night. Not my favorite day of the week so far and glad to start over with a new day. Rich took a half day and we met at Red Lobster for lunch, we always do this in September. We found out a house caught on fire during the night, friends of Sam's. Thankfully no one was hurt. I was slow on the picture taking today, only 72 with 15 deleted from those for various reasons. Here is a look at our day with my PL pages from last week thrown in with them, has a small glare but not bad.
goodnight Thursday


  1. Even bad days must be documented. And there seemed to be plenty to report and places to explore. That burned out house was chilling. Amazing how the shrubbery was still relatively green and alive.

    It's good that you and hubby get a lunch together once a month. I'd love that baked potato and maybe that shrimp, too.

    It looks like the kids put their fighting on hold while shopping at WalMart. So all was not lost, at least.

    Tomorrow will be the big day before the wrap-up. At least you are doing a fantastic job of counting photos, taking them, and keeping up. Good for you!

  2. I hope you had a better day today Dawn. I agree with Elizabeth Writing about bad days is also a good idea. We feel better once it's all out of our system.Love how your PL pictures are being made ready. That sky photo is fabulous.

  3. OMG, lucky no ones got hurt, although the house did look so sad now with all charred like that. I love Red Lobster, looking now at it makes me hungry again, LOL. LOVE the rain shot, must be cold!. The half moon shot is so sweet, I kind of miss seeing the moon, it always rain through the night here ... either that, or it's very cloudy. Hugs.