Monday, September 16, 2013

T stands for Tuesday and Two Mandalas

Hello and Happy Tuesday!! Today we get to head over to Elizabeth's for some tea and catching up on what everyone's doing. Today I've got a few things to share with you, first up is this one and only odd sunflower that came late. We've never had one like this, if anyone has had one let me know. Seems it didn't grow and spread like the others do, just a cluster of sunflower blooms around the top. It only lasted about a week then wilted. We thought it was so cool and cute, I told you the garden has been crazy with odd sunflowers this summer. We can't wait to see what next years will turn out like.
Since it's technically still Monday here I am sharing not one but two Mandala's with you. I made this last week at my sister's house. I've been wanting to do this for weeks and finally did it. She has a cute little patio at her condo and planted some pretty flowers and a butterfly bush. I used her patio table as the background and some stones from my nieces that were already there. I had so much fun using colors and different plants/leaves to make this. It was a bit windy so we had to keep fixing it and didn't notice how dirty the table was till I uploaded picture, pretend it's nice and clean. She has pine trees so this fall I will make another visit to her place and see what other mandala I can make.
Here is another mandala I made a few hours later at my house. We have new PRETTY purple and yellow growing in the ditch now. I LOVE these colors together, have used them when crafting many times. The wind was stronger at my house and it was about 89 degrees by then, HOT so it was tricky putting this one together. It's my first tiny one which I just love, will have to do more of these.
Don't worry I didn't forget about T time and sharing a cup with you today, was saving it till the end. I was shopping on Saturday and something cute and FALL jumped into my cart. It's been sitting by my spot since then, I just love the color and size of it and predict drinking some warm cider from it soon.
see how PRETTY she is, a lovely shade of orange that fits in next with my flowers and fall picture. I get happy just seeing this little spot on the table each day, my own little piece of fall colors. They had some other colors that were just as pretty but this one jumped in the cart so I had to bring it home.

After a busy week of taking lots of pictures, uploading and posting them all week my sweet hubby made a yummy treat for me last night. Was the perfect ending to the week and I have plenty to share with you so help yourself. I am not a baker so I'm thankful he loves to bake and is good at it.
See how many cookies there is and my cute little cup wanted in the picture too
So remember to visit Elizabeth  and say hello to her and the others sharing there today.
I had a bad day today due to some issues ordering my pictures for my WITL album. Wasted several hours and wanted to throw this computer out the window many times. But a sweet and patient lady at the help number I called saved the day. I was so happy and thanked her at least 20x,  what a relieve to finally order my collages and get started on my album. Hope to share it later this week.
Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone!!!


  1. First, those large sunflowers are the ones that give the black sunflower seeds. They are grown in Kansas and Nebraska for that very purpose.

    Second, you are getting really clever with those mandalas. I enjoyed both. They are both great. Yep, I'm practically speechless, because they are both so pretty and unique. Oh to have a house (or a sister with a condo) that has REAL flowers.

    That mug is perfect for cider. I love cider and often make it in the fall. I make it in a crock pot and by the end of the day, the entire house smells like cinnamon and anise.

    Thanks for sharing T today. So glad you found a friendly person who could help with your photo downloads. I'm sure you will get this project finished by the end of the week. Have a great T, too.

  2. Love the sun flowers! Your cuppa looks very autumn also, and those cookies........well there is one less now YUMMMMMMMM!

  3. Love that bright orange cup, reminds me of halloween and you are making me hungry with those cookies
    Bridget #6

  4. Oh, that cup makes me want to run right out and get one for every season! The sunflowers are gorgeous--I have only had success growing much smaller varieties. Do you save the seeds to plant next year?

  5. Totally love the sunflowers, just such happy colours. I love reading your posts,they always make me smile. I didn't end up do WITL but I have had fun reading yours and cant wait to see it wall come together.
    Cute cup!
    love me :-)

  6. Lovely mandalas, my favourite has to the second one, the colours and shape are wonderful. Your new autumn mug is fun too!

  7. sunflowers are favorites of my mine. thx for sharing that picture. :)

    that cup is perfect for fall!

  8. Hi Dawn - such fabulous colours and cookies!!! Have a great week - Mxx

  9. Lovely colourful post, those flowers are soooo pretty but I think I like the cookies best! I always seem to be hungry!
    ((Lyn)) Happy T day

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  11. I haven't joined the mandala posts (yet!) but I like the idea of making them with flowers. Great mug for fall.


  12. WOW!!. You're making some amazing, colorful mandalas, Dawn!. LOVE them every week. Please, please do this, even in the winter :). Love seeing some Fall colors too, comforting. Oh gosh, that choc chip cookies looks yummy, I wish I have more patience to bake. I know how frustrating it is to have a glitch with the computers, hope you have a good rest tonight :). Oh, and all the running will certainly helps. If I go out walk for so many hours in the park, I'll get a great sleep that night. Take care!. HUGS.

  13. Love your mandalas Dawn.I love the shape of the second one it looks so unique. That orange cup is a beauty. I need to get some new ones too as a naughty little guy here broke some of my old ones. Ha,ha you felt like throwing the computer out of the window don't worry we all go through such phase once in a while-:)Waiting to see your WITL album
    Those cookies look yum and you are so lucky that your hubby loves to bake.
    Have a great week

  14. Hi Dawn, well what a lot to pack into your post! That sunflower is probably reacting to the strange fluctuation in temperature which made my tomatoes mutate too, but it has been very good for the butterflies apparently.
    Love the mug, that is why I like the one I posted last week, the inside is so warm and comforting and cheers me up when I use it, I forget to use it now I am not working.

    Pretty mandalas.

    Cazzy x

  15. Happy T Day! Both of your mandalas are sweet, and the cookies look yummy. I made chocolate chip cookies on Sunday, but they're already gone!

  16. I know nothing about sunflowers--or any gardening--but that is a pretty one! Love the orange cup!! It goes perfectly with those flowers on the table. And a hubby who bakes--wow! Happy T-Day! :)

  17. Lovely flower mandalas...beautiful sunflowers, but even the wildflowers in the ditch are gorgeous too! and yummy are a lucky gal to have a husband who bakes!

  18. Beautiful photos there all fits the theme yellow, your cookies look good Dawn.

  19. Hi sis. Boy lots of new viewers. Lol. Love the little mandala best. And sunflowers pretty. Sure they grow differently sometimes. Can Google search info too to find it out. Love love that cup color!!!!! Any others grab I'll pay u for it :-)... Cookies yumm I'll take my candy but warm cookies best. Keep up good work