Monday, September 16, 2013


I love that Summer, Sam and Sienna are in this picture I snuck at church. The pastor was asking them what they'd like to be when they grew up. So funny to hear their answers. Most of my morning is spent at church so it was a different kind of picture taking day because of that.
I took about 40, forgot to count them this time, too tired. The picture taking was harder today, kids still a little moody, going on 4 days now, will be nice to have a quiet house today! I had another trip to the store and 2 loads of laundry to do, always there is laundry. There was football on during the day, kids had their tv on too loud, they were wrestling and running around. Too much noise for me and that shuts me down so I finally got away to the track and it felt good, even had a cutie with me.
Here is a look at our Sunday...
Wearing my favorite top for church today
I have taken random pictures of the clocks/time all week too, helps with the telling of our day
these two have been wrestling lately, getting on my nerves because of it
errands today
starting dinner, he made the YUMMIEST pork chops
picked up Ryan to be my track buddy
Renee, Sam and I are watching this on Sunday nights, love it!
Sam pulled out our Rachael Ray cookbook while we watched the show and marked foods he wants to help make. I need to let these kids in the kitchen more. I don't have the patience for kids or even Rich in the kitchen when I'm cooking, just want to get it done easier on my own. Nancy, I know your shaking your head at me, haha. Wish me luck at letting them in the kitchen.
So this is the end of the week, kinda sad to see it go but ready for the break. Thanks so much ladies for encouraging me and reading along each day, it inspired me to keep going. Now the fun of putting it together starts. I am ordering my pictures from Wal-Mart, not sure what was wrong with Walgreens. Going to look at my pictures today and start picking which ones to use for both WITL and my PL for this week. This is the tough part, wish I could use all the pictures but trying to stick with 12 a day for a collage and a couple to crop and put into pockets.  Hope to share it by Friday!!
I am saving my mandala for my T time post tomorrow,  didn't want to squeeze it in here.
Thanks again for reading and have a great MONDAY!!


  1. Dawn, dear Dawn. Let me give you a piece of advice. Please, please, let those kids in the kitchen.. My Grandmother (grands raised me from birth) never let me in her kitchen. She wouldn't even let me get a glass of water. She felt that was her "job." Of course, she admitted years later that she didn't have the patience to teach me to cook. She had her way, and didn't want to try to teach anything else.

    The day I graduated from high school, I moved out on my own. I had no idea how to cook, but I remembered my grandmother made mac and cheese a lot. Now this was NOT the mac and cheese in the blue and orange box. It was made from scratch, each batch started with cheese I had to cut up, add to milk, a thickener, and slowly cook while whisking over a medium heat. Now you know why I am not a good cook. I lived on that same mac and cheese for nearly a year before I learned how to make anything else. To this day, I HATE mac and cheese unless it's made from scratch.

    That's when I discovered microwaves. Now they were in their infancy back in the early 80s, so the one I bought had nothing but a dial and an on/off button. Still, I learned to cook in a microwave, and to this day, I still prefer using one over anything else. In fact, I've only owned ONE stove (has two ovens, one top, one bottom) my entire life and I bought it used. So, let your kids in the kitchen. Let them get flour all over the place. Let them fling pasta sauce around and let pasta drip from the ceiling (OK, that's a bit of a stretch). But let them do it. Don't even try to teach them, but hand them the reins. You (and their future selves) will be glad you did!!!

  2. BTW, it was good to see your week in its entirety!

  3. Sorry for the late comment, was here yesterday but missed posting the comment. Love your church photo. The kids fighting look very funny in the picture. You know what I love that picture, I think I too should take such pictures of my sons I'm sure they're going to cherish it when they grow up.