Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week In The Life.... Tuesday

Hello sunshine and Hello Tuesday!
hello cute girls with bright shirts on
hello funny faces on way to school
hello middle schoolers
goodbye middle schoolers, will miss this when they move
made this mandala at my sister's
back home, walking Lucky, HOT HOT OUT!
have to turn the a/c on today, YUCK!!
every Tuesday I help my grandma with a shower and do her laundry. She has Alzheimer's, it breaks my heart that she can't still tell us stories or remember us. Her family takes turns sitting with her each day and night, it's been a little over 3 years now. This is a BIG reason why PL and telling my story anyway I can means so much to me. I want to make sure my kids know their story and mine in case one day I won't be able to tell them.
just sitting in the sun with my favorite sidekick
crazy weather again this week, already so hot
hello cute ponytail and smile
hello Mine-Craft time with a friend
Hello to watching Ellen
hello to even HOTTER, double YUCK
thank you HONEY!
perfect treat for this hot day
reading with Sam
goodnight Tuesday!! Thank you for this day!
Thoughts about today...
I took 99 pictures....I try to get different stories each day even though I/we have the same routine kinda days. I love this part of Week In The Life!!
The newest thing is me driving them to school this year. Sam is in the new Middle School which is now by the high school, YAY and by my sisters. This is a BIG change for us, I love this extra time in the van with them, love that Sam and Cam get to walk together. They also come home together now, we haven't had that in 5 years, this part is still a work in process. The house goes from quiet to VERY LOUD when they all come in together. Hoping the loudness will tone down more as time goes on.
Lucky and Romeo have been wanting extra attention with kids gone now, they follow me constantly and Romeo is now meowing at me which he never did before. I sit with them a few times during day and know they probably miss the kids like I do.
I never get tired of taking pictures of the sky, sun, clouds, trees or being outside!!
I actually do miss Rich when he's at work, makes me happy when he's finally home
Thankful for this wonderful day and memories, truly am blessed!
Please take a moment today and remember those lost on 9/11... it was a sad day for so many. Prayers go out to the families who lost a loved one that day, to the ones who are serving us still today and all others who were a part of this tragedy. My heart goes out to each and everyone of them.
Thanks so much for your visits yesterday and hope you enjoy today's story as well. HUGS!


  1. I like how you started the day with the sun rising. And I LOVE that mandala. That one is superb, just like the one from Monday. Really love the one you made at your sis's because it has such a nice back story.

    As each day unfolds, I am drawn more and more into your life. What a fun way to get to know someone. Even got a laugh when I saw "honey" with the vacuum.

    So sad about your Grandmother. She has one of those "invisible" illnesses I spoke of in my post last night. Truly sad.

    Hope today is equally brilliant for you. I can't believe we're nearly to hump day in your calendar. And I'm really surprised how much I've also posted this week, including twice in one day, considering I'm supposed to be on hiatus (grin). Let's keep this roll going!!

  2. Lots of nice family shots there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am always in awe with the many pictures I am seeing with the other participants of this projects. I'll make sure to remind myself tomorrow. Beautiful story of the day :)

  4. Oh My Gosh!!. I have not been around so much and I'm in AWE, you made all this amazing changes to your blog and I'm loving it!!. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the photos!. I missed taking lots of photos :(. Your mandala with your sister is even more beautiful :). I can feel the excitement in the van already, I remembered I loved going to school so much. Double wow for the hot weather!!. More reason for ice creams, yummm. Your grandma looks healthy, I do hope she's in comfort with so much love from everyone around her. HUGS.

  5. Nice nice pics for today - uplifting and all that - so cute they all are - and so big - get used to seeing them but then when you see a pic you realize - what a happy day you had - and yes - today - sigh - heartfelt prayers, wishes and blessings to all involved in any way - am so thankful - great post!

  6. From sunrise to sunset, it looks like a great day!
    I'm sorry about your grandmother *hugs*

  7. Thank you ladies for your wonderful visits!!

  8. Lovely photos Dawn. I especially love the one with your grandma. IT's so touching and she is lucky to have you. Love the mandala that you created It has beautiful subtle colors. Of course all the kids pictures are looking wonderful.