Friday, July 1, 2011

My plans for the long weekend

I love love long weekends in the summer time, the best part is having my sweetie home with me. It's easier to tag team with the kids or one of us works on projects and the other hangs with the kids and then we switch. The other reason is for those moments I can peek out the window and see him working in the yard/garden/playing with the kids and I get those heart pangs just like when I met him. Even back then I was peeking and watching him out the window (he lived across the street) not like stalking or anything but just glances at how cute he was. Turns out that he was watching me too, not stalking but curious. We met during the month of May and that first summer was one of my favorites ever with him. So every year at this time I start going back in time to those first months and yep those heart pangs are still going strong. Ok no more mushy stuff it's a holiday weekend and here are some plans for us and the weather looks good thank goodness.

1. going to the track, playing tennis with kids, going to a new park or visit our old one
2. grilling out, wanting to do something new instead of just hamburgers
3. working in garden, front yard flower bed
4. playing baseball and basketball is always happening at out house now
5. my hubby and I are going to plan our camping trip, amusement park trip, the zoo trip, baseball game
6. having a late father's day afternoon with my dad, it's always hard to do this each year with his golfing and my sister's both work different shifts finally it might happen though
7. Rich plans on fishing one or two mornings
8. Sam asked to stay up late tonight and catch lightening bugs, might do this for two nights
9. swimming, swimming swimming
10. I want to start planning a makeover for our deck and start eating our meals out there and spend time hanging out and watching the sky, the trees, the sunsets. So excited to finally use this space, it's little but it's ours.
11. maybe fireworks
12. big family picnic on Monday love when we all get together
13. I'm hoping to scrap, work on Project Life, get my plans set for week in the life coming up
14. make up a calender for me and kids on how to spend the rest of summer, it's going by way to fast.

Whew I'm tired already from writing this list, but it is going to be great to do all these things. I hope it goes slow so we can soak it all up. What are your plans for this weekend, let me know.

I am going to try to post something new each day, not just pictures but random thoughts and part 2 of my new outfits, other ideas from other blogs I like. Trying to layoff the photos as it's almost time for WITL then I will be posting tons and tons of photos each day.

Have a Happy and Safe holiday everyone!!

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