Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Daily.....day 14

Today's photos are from last week but today was the perfect day to use them since the kids are home on their second snow day this week. In these photos the snow was pretty light and not too deep but Sam couldn't wait to go out there and get to work on making a path for his sisters and brushing off my van. I love these pictures of Sam and love that I could capture Summer's reaction (happy and waving to us). Moments like these make me happy. These pages came out the way I wanted and loved adding some goodies to each page.


  1. Dawn, your album is looking great! I love that you are including stories from days that have already passed. I am finding that some days I have too many stories to tell and don't want them crowding my DD layout for the day, and then there are days that seem like there is nothing worthy of documenting on that day. I may borrow your idea! Thanks!
    Also, thank you for your comments on my blog...and for including me in your blog list! Blessings!

  2. That's a serious amount of snow! Lovely pages.

  3. Ok....so that picture of Sam cleaning the van is awesome! LOVE these pictures! And the title "Snowboy". You should be so proud of your Decemeber Dailey album.

  4. P.S. Thanks for your comments and you too Rich! So happy for you that that kids are finally back in school! HA! I know you have enjoyed your time with them but......

    We didn't miss any school because of the weather. Bummer!