Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 18

Today's pages are two stories, sending out my cards and my oldest daughter and newly son-in-law surprising us and coming home for the holidays. Luckily my card box had a little diecut of the front of card and the inside message so I just cut it out and wrote my feelings about cards under that.

I'm so very blessed and happy with my second story for the day. My daughter came home (surprised us) for 6 days. She told us before that work wouldn't give her the time off but she was just kidding us all this time. This is a very Merry Christmas now with all my kids around me. For this day it's just a page protector with two quick photos but will add more to this later, totally threw me off on my pages with her coming home but so happy to have them here. These home for the holiday stickers I have are the perfect thing to use on this page.

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