Sunday, December 19, 2010

December daily all caught up hooray!!

Feels good to be caught up on my pages, even though I hurried and made some mistakes lining things up, etc. but life is catching up to me here so the rest of my pages will be half done I think and will add stuff to them later. Also my album is already pretty full and so instead of doing 2page spreads might have to do a lot of one day a pagers to make sure all my stories get in it. Especially since my daughter surprised us and came home so now that's more stories to tell.

I am enjoying reading everyone's albums and seeing so many cool ideas and stories. This truly is an amazing album, think it will even top my "week in the life" album. Thank you to those reading my blog and leaving all your nice comments. Well we are in the home stretch so enjoy this last week for some of you.

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