Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Daily last pages done hooray!!

My album is mostly done so just posting the final pages now. I do want to go back and do the last 2 days in more detail but am busy with kids and husband home. This is such a fun alubm to work on and makes me soooo happy to have it for us to look thru. The last few days didn't get numbered still thinking of what I want, my album is so packed it's hard to open the binder rings now to add the last few things to it. Next year will go bigger in my album size and not plan all my pages ahead, some days didn't coordinate with the photos I had. It was also hard on some days to only pick one/two photos. With my daughter coming home and surprising me it was all I could do not to fill up 6 days worth of photos of just her. If you would like to see more DD albums click on the Ali Edwards link on the right side of my blog and to get info if you'd like to do it next year. This was time consuming but very doable, just keep it simple with photo and words. Thank you Ali for this great idea and sharing the journey with us for 25 days. Thank you for everyone who visited. Have a happy last week of December.

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