Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The list for today was another lesson for me about managing my time. It really helps to have this prompts everyday and get you thinking. Now that I typed and read it a couple times it amazes me that I do this almost everyday and still haven't changed my ways. Now some days I do actually get all the laundry done and put away but that's it and other days I do enough little errands and chores but then I blow the rest of the late afternoon or bedtime stuck in front of computer again. So funny because up until a year ago I never used the computer actually couldn't stand having one in our house. Now I see so many crafty ideas, scrap ideas, organizing and food ideas that it blows me away. My plan now is to start fresh and really make use of my time and start crafting and scrapping and painting. Oh and the other thing I do all the time is make LISTS on all the neat ideas to make and do and what supplies to go buy and menus to make. Tons of lists in all by notebooks but I never do them I just write them down and forget about them. So my plan is to step away from the computer and spend more time JUST DOING JUST DOING MY TO DO LISTS!!! Wish me luck.


  1. you can do it! I think we all spend way too much time in front of our computer, but for me, it's necessary to grow my etsy shop and my art brand. I want to eventually make money from my art and my shop.. and our dream is to make enough to move to GA.. so for me, everything I do on the computer , mostly! has a goal.. I do hear ya though... time goes by way too fast when u are online! thks for your comment on my blog..I usually draft my blog posts days in advance, so most days, I'm not actually that busy... I find time to create every day though.. cuz well that's just me.. I usually draft my blog posts in the evgs. hugs xo

  2. You go girl! I too am unplugging more. It feels good to be out doing things rather than stuck in front of a computer.

  3. I forgot to add in my post that I got this idea from a wonderful lady doing these lists too. Her name is Nicki and her blog is at yellow roses. Her list was so cute that I had to do mine this way too.

    Thanks Nicki!!

  4. wow wow wow-wow-wow! i feel you here but you told that sequence of your day and i felt like a fly on your wall. watching you move from task to task, getting distracted and stuck in one place. i do the same thing.
    i do believe this was a great exercise for you to get back on track. you can do it, you don't need more ideas, right? you will be so good today when you read this! you'll get at least 3 things done from your list!

  5. Oh, but to have no lists would mean you'd be so.... listless *lol*

    Maybe I should actually write some lists... then I wouldn't have all these ideas scrambling around in my head.