Monday, September 12, 2011

September 11 & 12 lists

Sept. 12 list is NEVER HAVE I EVER....
I did a post kinda like this a short time ago and it was stuff I haven't done but wanted to do in the future. This time it's just stuff I haven't done ever and if I do any of them or not it's ok except for one thing. The home/garden show in the next town is something I've been wanting to go and see for 15 years now. The only problem is it's during the week of my daughter's birthday, the hours are never right for when I can have a sitter. Each year I dream of going but it never happens so again I'm hoping that it works out next year. So what are some things you've never done before?? Let me know in the comments.

I will be posting my Project life tomorrow on time and with my pages done and filled with blue!!
On the list for Sept. 11 I forgot the to save room for the title, oh well I got a little too sticker happy!! It was about what were looking forward to right now. All I know is that FALL IS MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!!! ALL OF IT DOWN TO EACH LITTLE LEAF OR PUMKIN IN MY GARDEN. I was made for this season and try to cram it with tons of activities. I did forget to add fall soccer to the page though, will add it later. Of course this page was easy and fun as you can see I had no problem with my list and could have added more. Not only is it my favorite season but it's also has my favorite holidays HALLOWEEN AND THANKSGIVING the two least stress holidays for me. I am also adding an envelope with my story for what happened on Sept. 11 ten years ago. That is what really matters today and I think about it all day and night, sending prayers to all those people who lost loved ones then and still continue to lose someone because of the war. To see my post about this scroll down to the next post and read it. Thank you again for everyone who left me the kindest comments on it.


  1. Like you I really love Halloween and Thanksgiving. I was in the store this week and noticing the cute Halloween napkins and it dawned on me that this will be the first Halloween that I won't have my son at home. Time to make a fun, spooky care package!

  2. Love your lists - it's neat to see what things others have never done! :-)

  3. Hey Dawn! I have never read a Harry Potter book either. I watched one of the movies and fell asleep.
    May I highly recommend going to a salon and have your toes done. I have done it only 3 times and it is heaven. They rub your feet, massage your calves, it is totally relaxing. And then of coarse you have pretty toenails for awhile.

  4. That is so funny about your title - almost every list I forget to leave room for either 1) the date 2) the title, haha! Luckily I almost always sketch in pencil before colouring, which helps.