Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sept.2011 list #6 your favorite color combos & project life update

Here is my list for day #6 and it's full of color as you can see. So happy to have another fun page to do. This one took me over an hour to do because of finding all these cool color combos to show you. It was worth the time it took to see how pretty it looks. The prompt for today was your favorite color COMBOS instead of just color. This is the first year I've been playing more with color and finding some I like. Blue has always been my very favorite but I don't use it much for my house and decorations. I do have blue clothing though. I've actually been afraid of color and paints because it's too overwhelming and was afraid to pick the wrong color to paint with. My walls stayed white for years till finally my mom painted them for me. Well white is my new love for color now and I'm ready to paint my walls white again and add pops of color around the room. It seems most of my color combos do have to have some white in there somewhere too. This page was fun and I think at the end I might add another page of colors to it. It was hard to narrow it down to just these but they are my most favorite ones right now.
Thanks for reading and your comments ladies, love reading them. I'm still working on my Project Life pictures for today and may not get them up till later today or sometime this week. I am still going to take pictures of blue things this week for my theme in project life if anyone wants to do so also. Hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend. We did but it was way too fast and busy.


  1. What a colorful post! I'm eager to add color to the walls in my home. I want to warm up the place. Enjoy shooting the blues.

  2. thank you ladies, I did enjoy this