Friday, September 9, 2011

List #9 Weekend Plans

This is always a fun list to make and changes from season to season and soccer season. I'm hoping to just hang out mostly at home this weekend and enjoy my family, quiet time and being thankful for all my family and friends this weekend. Fall is in the air so I thought this would be my last beachy/summer type page then will turn to warmer colors and images. I can remember what my day was like 10 years ago and want to take some time this weekend to honor those around us who lost loved ones and for the ones who fight for us. I pray we never have to live thru something like this again. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Great list and page. Have a good weekend.

  2. I am still not feeling the best just wanted to say how much I love your page. I am still doing my lists just not posting them yet. Will do early next week.
    I too want to remember this weekend and I also pray that no one ever has to experience that again. I also remember what I was doing Sept 11, 10 years ago and I still cry today when I think about it.
    We are having lots of news coverage and documentarys and TV show about it. I think its good to see this stuff, it makes us stop and remember and send a prayer and thoughts to all those that need our support right now.
    Love me :-)

  3. thank you ladies for stopping by.

    Sorry your not feeling well.Thanks for still checking in to my blog. Don't worry about posting yours if your not up for it. I am thankful that noone I know was hurt that day. We have programs on the tv and the newspapers too. I like that we all take time to remember them too. My youngest is just starting to understand what it meant since they talk about it at school so trying to answer his questions best I can without having him worry. Enjoy your weekend and feel better.

  4. I love how your wrote on the playful!

  5. how did i miss this one? i will check back on the new posts tonight!