Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Project Life 9/11 thru 9/ 16 and 2 more of my lists

The left side of my week. I made this whole side about 9/11 and our thoughts on it now. I saved all the newspaper articles and wrote down what my kids were feeling at this time too. My sweet Summer girl wrote the little paper in the big pocket there. She is always doing special things like this. The other 2 kids talked about it so I wrote down their thoughts in my journal card.

The front and back of a extra PP to remember the art work from my girls!! They did great
The right side of the week, love love all of these
List #21 Dream house or dream space, this is only a little of my dream house
List #21

Thank you to everyone who left comments on my last post "ONCE UPON A TIME" for my daughter's dream dress to finally happen. She loved reading the comments and loved how special I made the story for her. She left a thank you comment for you if you want to go back to read it. For the last 4/5 days I've had a bad cold/sore throat hoping it will get better soon. I may not get to post over the next few days due to babysitting and activities for the kids and trying to sleep more. So for today there is two of my list and my project life update. Still going strong and loving it. For some of those who know Ali Edward's and read her blog like I do please take the time to add her and her family to your prayers, stop by her blog and leave her some encouraging, thoughful words. She is going thru a hard time right now and needs all the love and support she can from us. She is truly my daily inspiration in scrapbooking/life/mom/womanhood and more!! This story has touched me deeply and my heart is aching for her. I have her link on the right side of my blog, just click on it. Thank you everyone for stopping by. Have a great week!


  1. love your pages.. wow.. u hv been busy!

  2. not sure if u are on facebook or not.. u shud friend me and I need your mailing addr.. send to

  3. we may not have current tv shows in common, but we sure do have the oldies. mad about you is one of matt and i's favorites.
    talk to you soon!

  4. I'm gonna miss your lists this month! :-( I have LOVED reading all of them! Becki