Thursday, September 29, 2011

My computer and I are back up and running

I am happy and kinda sad about my computer fixed and back home again. It was nice to take a break from it and got a lot done around the house, even went to bed at 9:30 each night. There is still a lot for me to get done on projects and have to catch up on the lists I missed this week. As soon as they are done I will post them. They all look fun and I want to take my time with them since these are the last ones before it's over.

I'm actually tired already and too tired to post pictures but here's a couple of happy thoughts for this week and will have more fun stuff later. Still have to do my PL for the week and will post it soon. Happy thoughts in no random order


2. have been painting and creating this week, love love getting messy and learning about stencils, inks, sprays

3. the temps have been mild and just right for sitting outside in and walking Lucky in

4. Summer has grown again and now we see eye to eye can't believe this, pretty soon she will past me too.

5. Sam cleaned his WHOLE ROOM AND LAUNDRY all on his own yesterday. For over a hour he was up there and we were told not to come in. I was soooo happy about this and even gave him $2 for a good job.

6. Renee was extra kind to her brother at certain moments this week, love it when this happens

7. I made a menu for the month of OCTOBER, it was hard but I stuck with it. Such a relief to know it's done. If this works out good will keep doing it every month.

8. decorated more in my house, changed the pictures in frames again. Love love decorating for fall.

9. It's great having my tv shows back 0n again.

10. doing 30 days of lists has been sooo much fun. Sad to see it end tomorrow.

11. my oldest Kristin has been home for 6 weeks and it's been so much fun having her here again. Sad that she left yesterday back to Miami. We all miss her soooo much already.

12. I got a little surprise in the mail today from a new blog friend, sweet little bits of crafts she uses.

Think that's it for now everyone. Have a great Friday!!


  1. Happy Friday Dawn! So happy to hear you got your computer fixed. Congrats on winning the moleskin journal - that's awesome! Have a great weekend.

  2. Yay... moleskin diary and a working computer!
    It's so great how you are so positive... have a wonderful Friday and coming weekend!

  3. craftiness, daughters and gifts...oh my! what a week you've had! glad you got to craft and paint and list. i have been unplugging more at night too...hence the lack of posts on the blog.
    yay for sam taking the initiative to clean up that.
    How mice to have had Kristin home for so long. oh boy, just thinking about that time in our lives is coming...makes me a little teary.
    Happy October, hope you get caught up and enjoy the fall weather. =)

  4. Welcome back! problems! How awesome that Kristin was able to visit for so long. Awesome! Way to go Sam! What a nice surprise for you! So happy that you won something! I finally got my Halloween stuff up last night. Becki