Wednesday, September 7, 2011

List #7 What are you not good at???

Today's list was a little hard but I feel better about it this time around then when they had it in March. It's about what your not good at and of course it's hard to admit or talk about these. I could have just listed the basic things like burning cookies and cakes or my bad spelling or how I can't blow up a balloon even at my age. For this month's lists though these lists are about who I am right now and what I can learn from them.
When I did this list back in March it was too hard for me to even write down my less then perfect traits but I have come a looong way since then and today it didn't bother me at all. This year is all about me learning to be "ME" for "ME" not for anyone else. When doing this list in March I even switched it too 'WHAT I AM GOOD AT" instead of focusing on what to do about those other less then good parts. The trick for me now is to embrace them and see them as who I am and what I can take from it.
Sorry to go all heavy on you guys about the list. I know it's just a list but I'm using it as a lesson also. By the way I did have fun writing it and using this magazine ad, so thankful for friends showing me the way with using the open space to write on.
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  1. Hi Dawn! I could fill a whole list of things I am not good at! So proud of you that you were finally able to make this list this time around. So wonderful of you to say that you are going to use it as a lesson. Kuddos to you!

  2. Dawn, Good for you. Try not to be so hard on yourself. For me, when I am able to admit what I am not good at - it eliminates my feeling so judged by everyone. If I just announce (like I do every year) Thanksgiving dinner will not be served until 5:30. It will be dark then and you know I don't like to do my windows. And then I laugh. It is the truth. So we eat dinner at 5:30. My dining room looks lovely. I don't worry about my windows AND I don't worry about my mother in law whispering that my windows are filthy.
    I too am using these lists to learn a little more about myself and stretch my brain a bit. Very thoughtful and fun at the same time!

  3. Hi Becki, so glad to see you and thank you!!

    yellowroses, thank you too, I like your example. Windows aren't my thing either. Glad you are learning too.

  4. oh my sweet dawn, you are really making me think about these lists in a different way. it will take me some time to write this list as i too, have a hard time judging myself. my pride is sometimes too great and i think that i am less than if i'm not good at something. such crazy creatures we are.
    love your list, really love it!