Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's making me HAPPY right now

I thought it was time for a what's making me happy right now post. I'm still going strong with the lists but miss doing the other posts I do. So can I just say FALL IS IN THE AIR!! As I'm typing this it's not even 60 degress out right now. The leaves haven't started changing colors yet but they will be soon. If only we didn't keep getting rain. I'm feeling so happy right now just knowing my favorite season is starting, love love fall and wish it lasted 6months instead of just a few. So what's been going on here and some happy thoughts.

1. I'm wearing my winter pj's and slippers right now and have for 4 days out of this week. Love it!!
2. I decorated for fall today and changed my pictures around in the frames. Love seeing all the past fall/halloween pictures up again.
3. Renee's school pictures came back and look great, even with braces.
4. I pulled out our fall scrapbook albums to look thru, love love this
5. I bought Sienna a new Dora pumpkin book and she loves it, Colt is getting cuter and loves cuddles now and is crawling like crazy and getting ready to pull up on stuff. Wish he'd slow down.
6. I'm thinking of getting cider and donuts this weekend and pumpkin pie
7. Going to find some local fall festivities for us to visit. I love love these events in the fall.
8. Fresh apples to eat, they are so good when you pick them from the tree
9. Taking Renee homecoming dress shopping this weekend
10. kids still are doing good with school
11. I can't wait to buy some new fall clothes for me
12. for two days straight now I got everything done on my to do list but still haven't had time to be crafty.

I think that's enough for the moment. Although I could add that tomorrow is Sam's visitors lunch at school so I get to eat lunch with him tomorrow. Oh yeah and we just noticed that Summer grew another couple inches and she is eye to eye with me know. Thinking all my kids will be passing me up, I'm in big trouble!!
Have a great weekend everybody and happy Fall or Spring depending on where you live.


  1. What a fantastic list!

    Sounds like the next few weeks/months are going to e a brilliant time for you and your family :)

  2. I must say I like Autumn (fall!) too although Summer is always a favourite for me and I feel a bit sad to see it beginning to fade . . .


  3. Great list! I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. fall too! I am sooo happy it is finally here. Hope you and Sam had a fabulous lunch together! Thank you for all your sweet comments on my posts!

  4. sounds like so many things to be happy for! we were still 90+ today but tomorrow it'll drop to 77...woohoo! football and cool weather is all i need.
    glad you are still listing...mine are so slow going. you are doing so great!
    apple and pumpkin pies sound should get 2 of each! =)