Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sam had his first travel soccer game. It wasn't good, very sad as they lost 12-0. Poor guys tried their hearts out but just couldn't score. We are with a new team this year and it feels weird without his old team which I'm sure with them we would have won or at least scored a few goals. This is going to be a looong season.
Rich took a last minute half day and came home to enjoy reading his new book in the sun/shade before the kids got home. He was out there for 2 hours. The both of us like the simple things in life, just doing this made his whole day happier.
Summer was so sweet and went out and golfed in the yard with Sam. They were so cute and funny together. So glad for these moments between them. Rich had just been out there too.
I love love this picture and it brings back so many memories of them laying like this about 10 years ago. All lined up watching tv together. We would do this and watch 7th heaven, oh man do I miss that show.
My nieces over one day after school. Camryn wouldn't look at camera, she doesn't like me taking pictures anymore. Thankfully Ryan still lets me most of the time. Lucky is hoping they share with him.
We took Sam to a BEYBLADE event at our local Toys R Us. He's been waiting for 2 weeks to go and have fun with other kids who like this toy. They were very generous with the prizes and he got 4 new ones, trading cards, stickers and coupons for more. He was the most experience one there and helped the clerk put them together since she had no idea how to. Such a nice kid he is.


  1. What a fabulous way for Rich to spend his afternoon. I love it! I have bought Beyblades for my nephew as a gift years ago but never understood them! What a sweet picture of all your kiddos! Special times! Best of luck on your next game Sam!

  2. Thank you Becki and Rich was so happy. He doesn't always make time to do what he likes. I don't get the whole beyblades thing either but Sam loves them and buys one each time he gets his allowance. Thank you for stopping by!!