Friday, September 23, 2011

List #23 & 34 Housework and the LOTTERY

List #23 What do you do to avoid housework. I tried to have fun with this list and came up with my thoughts on the left side. The right side is a magazine clipping that I love, just look at all those things we do. I count that as housework and taking care of the family. So I underlined some of the things that take up my day, on a verrry busy day that is. When you see it all written down like this it's amazing to see. I got magazine word idea from another cool lister. Hoping to do this more.
I've been wanting to do a post on this for a few months now so it was so cool to see this as today's list. This list was done pretty fast, all green for the COLOR OF MONEY!! Next month I will do a more detailed post about all these and a few more that I forgot. My hubby is the one in our house who really wants to win the lottery. For me I just wish we had a little extra to pay off debt and save for college funds and a few vacations. If we really did win though I would still want the life we have now, no traveling, now buying 20 cars or tons of diamonds would just take care of our family and save the rest. It sure is nice to dream about this though. I've already told my husband about my big splurge on the right side and he said GO FOR IT!!


  1. i love your housework list! i have seen that magazine page forever and always thought there's got to be something i can do with it but never end up tearing it out. you're super awesome rating system cracks me up! i also would rank dustin super low. funny cause i actually just dusted today since i changed decor. i LOATHE dusting...since i was a kid. but i'll scrub a bathroom...weird i know.
    awwww...can i saw that i hope you win someday just so we could meet and scrap together? selfish? maybe! i love your lists girl! trying to catch up on the rest of your recent behind!

  2. You are doing great with your lists! I am so far behind. Your project life is looking great too! Thanks for visiting my blog Dawn!!!

  3. Loved your lottery list... You know I would be there in an instant, it would be so cool to actually meet one day.
    I am so far behind on my lists but I figure to just keep it fun and just keep plugging away at it. I have been super busy with work/kids... you know the usual so sorry I haven't stopped by much. Love it when I do get to stop by though because your posts always make me so happy.
    Love the housework list as well. I hate, hate, hate housework and I do anything to avoid it, usually craft LOL.
    Hope you are all well and happy listing.
    Love me :-)

  4. thank you ladies so much!! The lottery list was one of my favorites and I've been wanting to do one for so long. It's the only way I will finally get to meet all of you and hang out together. I know you ladies are busy so thanks for making the time to come by. Love hearing from you as always.

  5. I don't hv your email addr and I couldn't email you. NO I did not receive it..
    my email is
    bonnieangel1797 at gmail dot com

    maybe u had it wrong?

  6. Dawn, I hope you are feeling better. You are so diligent about your lists, even when you are sick. I had some kind of weird issue and could not get to your blog sight and now when I tried to be a follower the site was down. My email is Don't want to lose the connection again. Nicki