Monday, September 5, 2011

Sept 2011 list #5.... What APPS would you want ??

My list for today is short and sweet. Most of you know I'm not that techie and can't do anything but the basics on my computer so today's list was a challenge for me. Thankfully the girls made it more fun by sharing their ideas for FUN IMAGINARY APPS which was more my style. So after some reading of the ideas there and thinking of my own here is my little list. Wasn't feeling to crafty either but that's ok, my list is done. I am curious to know though for my friends who aren't doing the list what APPS would you like to make up???!! Kinda fun just to think about them. Hope everyone had a good weekend. My weekend was pretty good, nice cold weather for us this week which I'm happy about. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments that make my day!!


  1. So many people remembered the cleaning the bathroom/toilet thing. How could I have forgotten that? Good list.

  2. The imaginary apps were great! I guess I wasn't all that creative in my response. alas, I learn from others and they help to give me a new perspective. Thanks for stopping by. I'm just catching up on all of my e-mails. I'll see you throughout the month! Happy list making.

  3. LOL I loved this list idea. I am desperate for an i-phone so I have a list already of what I want app wise but I added some fun imaginary ones as well. I had so much fun doing this list and I am hoping to post them tonight.
    On another note I pre-ordered my PL for next year and I am beside myself with excitement. I have ordered "clementine"... what one are you going to pick???
    Love me :-)

  4. thank you ladies for visiting and leaving me a comment. I am having fun reading your lists too.

    Tracey, I'm going to your blog to comment.

  5. Hey Dawn,
    Just posted my lists... I am still laughing about the app one.
    love me :-)

  6. what a super fun prompt! i would love to have a "control the weather" app!~
    looking thru more of your lists now!

  7. I would love apps for the following: cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors and folding socks. Oh and an app for Bailey to pick up all the clothes on her bedroom floor! HA!