Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 Random thoughts

It's HOMECOMING TIME, the game is tonight and the dance is tomorrow. The weather is calling for low temps, high winds, lots of rain, no sun, doesn't that sound perfect !!!! We are still excited and won't let the weather spoil our fun. Since we have a busy next 4 days planned I'm leaving you with my favorite kind of posts " random thoughts" till I post the homecoming pictures, could be next week. I also want to thank everyone again for your support/comments on my art and my kids, stories, pictures anything goes here and you've all been great about it. So here's some thoughts for you:

1. Sam is still deciding to either be a ninja, soccer player, character from Beyblade, next year he wants to be spooky.

2. I still need to take a scenic drive and see some more beautiful leaves

3. my girls want to see the new FOOTLOOSE movie coming out. I'm watching the first version of it with them first. IT was soooo awesome and hope they will love it too

4. Sam will be 10 next month and we are planning a laser tag birthday for him

5. I want to paint or create alllll day long, so many ideas but not enough time

6. In November I will be posting a picture/thought everyday of what I'm thankful for and this will be going into my Project Life for that month. Would love for others to join me, I did it last year and loved it.

7. Anyone thinking of doing a December Daily this year, this will be my second year. Last year I put a lot of time into it everyday and burned out by the 20th. So this year I'm going very low key and might just do the 12 days before Christmas. Let me know in the comments if you are doing one or want to know more. Would love love to have some friends joining in with me.

8. I just got a bunch of cool things from my mom who is cleaning out her house and getting rid of years and years of stuff. It was fun to pick thru and find little bits to use on my art pages. All kinds of goodies.

9. My niece really liked my 30 day list book and asked to make her one too. I bought a journal and put a list idea on each page, some are the same as mine but more of them are for her and her age. Can't wait to see what she does with it, love that she wants to do this too.

10. I have $25 left over after buying groceries last week from the list. That's a lot for us and I was so excited to save it. Even though we were out of a couple things and we craved a few things I didn't go to the store. That's also what this meal plan is for, saving some money and no extra trips to the store. I think once the kids see it's on the menu they are happy and liking the idea and have eaten everything offered. The few things they didn't like they at least ate a few bites of it. So I'm already looking forward to going tomorrow and hoping it will be another great week again.

Have a great weekend everyone. Enjoy your loved ones and make some time to relax and spend with them.


  1. great post! I did a similar post this aft, all about what I believe.... have a great weekend, we're picking up my youngest daughter tomorr... she'll be here till we hv to drive her back on sunday. I'm planning on enjoying my time with her... she's bringing a friend with her, should be lots of fun! hugs xo

  2. and yes, I'm doing a Dec DAILY album too... not sure yet of everything I will use.. I plan on putting my album somewhat together ahead of time in Nov.. so it's all ready to go when Dec hits!

  3. so glad you get to see your daughter, have a great time with her. hooray for you doing a DD too, I want my album ready ahead of time too. Have a great weekend.

  4. Homecoming, that sure brings back memories. This is such a fun time of year!

  5. Hi Dawn! I did a December Daily last year and I'm so glad I did!

  6. Thanks Sue for stopping by again. I had fun getting her ready for homecoming and it she had a great time.

    Michelle, so glad you do a DD too, can't wait to see what you make this year.

  7. I love this post... reading about the children really puts a smile on my face - too cute!
    Here's wishing you a wonderful few days off from blogger... but come back soo cos we all wanna see those pics!

  8. awesome that the menu planning is still working! go you!!!
    i sure hope your niece enjoys her very own list journal! what a cool thing to be able to share with her. wish i could have kept up with mine, at least i know it;s always there to get back to anytime i want to add to it.
    i think i've refused to see the new footloose. some things just cant be replicated. =)
    i have considered the december daily, but honestly i'm afraid of burnout like you. last year we were so dang busy during this time that we have both promised to slow down and enjoy the time together since we have no football or filming and matt's not working on the biggest project of his career. i would love to do it with you. but a chill version, not sure i'd do it like we did with WITL. i still haven't felt like tackling that digital project. glad i got them on the blog at least.
    hope homecoming was fun...sorry i have not been caught up on your blog...trying to now before we sit down with shows for the night.