Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More art and a page about ME

I DID A PAGE WITH ME ON IT!!! Love love these colors and the page came out how I imagined it. This is crooked though I think and I have words on the bottom too. Didn't want to write on it in case I made a mistake so used word stickers to describe ME RIGHT NOW!! Might have to take another photo of this page??? I really really wanted to paint some white on here and orange splatters but left it clean and simple for now.
this is a favorite of mine now, kinda like that yellow one from yesterday. it just makes me happy. I tried new colors and the little flowers, do they need some outlining??? Let me know if they are too plain, I do like them but maybe outline would be nice too. No words to this one yet, just enjoying what I did. Totally playing and not thinking.
just a happy colorful page in my journal. planning on doing this kinda monthly. just picking a color then finding more of that color and put them all together.
the left side is my first attempt at panchanella and the right is my 4th I think. the first looks "wrong" but that's ok, I'm learning and still like it for that and will try to do something with it. The right side was much better and love these colors. These were both just about playing and not making anything yet. Same with the next one.
just some playing with the colors and circles, not sure what I will add to this yet.


  1. you are on your way! I love that layout of you... you are gorgeous! Love love it!

  2. I love the colour and textures!
    Print out a pic of the one with flowers, and draw on the printed one - if you like it better, you can transfer the idea to the original.
    I love the page of you... the colours are yummy!

  3. yay a page of you!!! love the colors, and the layers. it's a seriously great page dawn! i love layering strips like that!
    new art, how fun! i am in love with the circles one...very modern...i likey like!
    gosh, you sure are having a swell time huh girl? good for you...you seem lighter and happier and i wonder if it's the art coming out...loving all your posting lately!

  4. Yeah for featuring YOU!