Friday, October 7, 2011

My first GRID and other art work

Here is my first grid drawing. I've always loved graphics/grids/circles/anything with lines. So when I stumbled upon a blog my Michelle in the 30 days of lists I was so EXCITED!! I jumped right in with mine and had such a great time doing this. First I drew the lines for the grid, no ruler, no counting how many squares just drew. Then almost each night I would sit before going to bed and fill in 3/4 squares at a time. No thinking, just what ever I felt like at the moment. For this one I wanted mostly black/white only with a touch of color. Each square I think is self explained. Some are just scribbles and I did try to draw a house twice with my eyes closed, each time it was bad. All the pieces of the house are outside of the house. I've started another one for this month and love it even more. Going to do this every month and thinking of themes for each one to make it more interesting but if it's too stressful will just go back to this way. Thanks Michelle for this idea.
Here's what's beside that grid page. I just drew some black lines and would slowly color them in each night. Now that I look though it looks like it could be a dinosaur doesnt' it? Might have to go and add some eyes/mouth/nose to this. This kind of drawing and coloring is very relaxing before bed. I sleep great each night I do this.
This is page one in my October book. It was Renee's favorite and my second favorite. She told me not to add anything to the circles she liked them this way. I went to see Lion King with my sister that day and so I kept my ticket stub. Most of my pages have been made up ahead of time and will add more as needed. Excited to fill this up with all the fun from this month.
Pages 2 & 3 in my October book. Page 2 is from our weekend outing and page 3 is to remind me off all the good things right then. I used the giftwrap from my giveaway I won, the paper was so pretty.
This is for Halloween time. I love love orange/black/silver together. Used some pages from an old book, paints, paper from my scrap stash. Had fun with this one and happy with the end result. Didn't overthink on this too much, to be honest I feel like it has to have a even number of circles and was going to count but just went with the flow and enjoyed it instead. This is in my kitchen right now.


  1. Oooh I love that last one... and seriously... the grid idea is so neat.. love that too! U are having fun, I can tell...... so so great! hugs xo

  2. I love them all! You are having fun and that just thrills me! I really like your grid! How fun that you went to see "The Lion King".

    I am also loving your post on my blog! Thank you for all of the encouragement! That just means the world to me!

    Well we have some really great holidays ahead of us - Good Grief - Who knows what we will come up with, but boy will we have some fun!

    I am wondering about the challenge you talk about with "The List". That sounds like fun! I may have to look into it!I am a big list maker!


  3. Love the grid Dawn! What a cool idea! Becki

    p.s. thank you for all your comments on my decor and Bailey's homecoming pictures. I can't wait to see your homecoming pictures from this coming weekend!

  4. thank you so much ladies, just reading these will keep me motivated and not give up. it feels great to hear your excitment for me and will make me want to keep creating. I've already been working on two projects today and have more in mind. YIPPPPEEEE for me!!

    I forgot to add in the post that yes ONE WEEK FROM TONIGHT SHE WILL BE AT HOMECOMING AND I'LL BE HOME CRYING/ HAPPY TEARS MOSTLY !! She is sooo excited.
    HOpe everyone is having a great FRIDAY!!

  5. Dawn your grid is fabulous! I just love all the drawings you did! I love the placement of the colored squares - provides a really good feeling of balance. Super fun!

  6. Can I just say again... WOW! I love seeing what you are coming up with lately. Love the grid idea, its a different kind of journalling and I love it. I am so with you on the dinosaur thing, it really does look like one and the funny thing was I thought of that before I actually read it LOL.
    But my favourite it definately the last one, circles, circles, circles love it.
    ... and a huge thank you for the email, you warmed my heart and made me cry.
    Love me :-)

  7. You see a dinosaur, I see a dragon or perhaps a gryphon... wide spread wings :)

    Each page is just so stunning... and so very... well, it's just very "you". Which is lovely:)

  8. Love the grid idea. What a wonderful way to unwind and be creative. Have you seen zentangles? It may give you some fun ideas for you filling those squares.