Saturday, October 8, 2011

PURPLE AGAIN!!?? and a sweet sweet story

This is what I made this morning. I love love this and had sooo much fun. I am only sharing one right now because a special story is on my mind today and wanted to share it with you. I did create some more art journal pages and even my girls did some that I will share this week and my son learned a cool drawing trick in ART this week I will share later too. Hope you all have a great Sunday. Our Saturday has been amazing and fun and very familyish today. Oh and yes I LOVE LOVE PURPLE NOW So this is a page of me SCREAMING I LOVE PURPLE, CAN YOU HEAR THAT!!! lol
This day was a rough one for me and my little cousin who I babysit. This sweet angle of a girl is going thru some changes in her little 3yrold life and is expressing her unhappiness over it. Oh how this girl has won my heart from the first moment I met her 3 years ago this month. It was meant to be that we'd be brought together, total fate and good LUCK!! Her mom decided to go back to work part time and my last child just started full days at school and everyone said I should get a job. When Sonja called to ask me I was moved to tears and thank GOD for bringing me this little girl. He knew I wanted to stay at home and knew this would help me out and my cousin. WE HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS NOW. This little girl isn't too happy about her brother's new skill at crawling and wanting to play beside her and her toys, she's letting him know pretty STRONGLY!! I am not use to having to get tough love on her but this day she had 3 time outs and my heart broke and after each one I tried again to make things good again. I know it will take time for this issue to work itself out and I believe that god and prayers and hugs and discipline will remedy this but untill then I will remember the good moments we have and the little things she does that are so HER and so CUTE and so FUNNY!!! Today on this walk so much magic came from it and I looked at those big eyes and smile and even she had forgotten that morning and was showing how much joy it was to go outside and get flowers and look at pumpkins and pet the dog. All the little things that make all the rough moments go away and gives you hope again and makes us get up each day and do it again. I'm so thankful for her showing me and reminding me to slow down and not forget these. So when she comes back next week I will see her just like I did 3 years ago a little gift from god who need love, hugs, guidance and little moments and we will be "JUST FINE" as she always tells me. So enjoy these pictures from our walk together and remember to find your little moments everyday!!

these two are buddies now and I'm so glad. Everyone little girl needs a dog to love and he is so sweet and patient and gentle with her.
Look at that sweet girl, her little bouquet of all the flowers she picked in the yard. She tells me exactaly which ones to pick if she can't reach. These are for her mommy and daddy because "THEY WILL BE SO HAPPY she tells me. Oh man does she melt my heart. I'm so thankful to have her in my life and how she's keeping me young and giving me another chance to have a little one around again. It means so much to me that my cousin asked ME to be her babysitter, so blessed to know her more now then when we were kids. She is always there for me and because of her I learn to be a better mom and to take care of myself by walking and eating right. This is one of those pictures that speak a thousand words to me. PRICELESS IS THE FIRST ONE AND LOVED IS SECOND!! So my sweet little cousin please oh please go back to always being good for me, I can't take any more time outs and tears because it's more fun to tickle you and read books together. You are growing up soooo fast so slow down and let's treasure this time. LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!


  1. What a beautiful little girl! Both you and your cousin are very blessed to have her. Hope you're having a great weekend Dawn!

  2. awww.... she is such a cutie.. so glad she is in your life.. xo

  3. Look at it this way... she's only jealous of her little brothers new skills because she has had the love and attention of her super parents and wonderful cousin full-time for the last three years, and now she has to share. Of course that's gotta hurt a bit. She's only acting out because she's been so loved. As soon as she learns that love just grows when it's shared, not halved, then she'll settle back to being the amazing and precious child she always has been. My girls were 3 years old when their little sister arrived... and one big sister was incredibly jealous *lol* She worked through it... they invariably do.
    She looks like such a doll in the photographs - such a pretty and happy child! Utterly sweet!

  4. Girl . . . I am gonna scream for purple now! WOW! WOW! WOW! Very Cool!

    Watch a precious baby girl! She is lucky to have you!


  5. oooh what a little sweetie! I am so happy for you that you can work from home doing something that brings you so much joy. This little girl is lucky to have you and I can see how lucky you feel.

    I too love purple these days and I actually treated myself to a purple ring yesterday on my outing to Maine. I'll snap a shot a will share it later in the week. I never had a wedding ring or a pretty ring and I decided last night when I was in this charming seaside town that it was time to get my ring. It isn't anything fancy but I love.

    Keep loving the purple and having fun in your journal.

  6. thank you so much ladies for seeing what a cutie she is. I'm so glad I took the camera out with us this day. Now i will always remember this time with her.

  7. awwww....she is super sweet. i am so much more patient now and can more easily forget the tantrums and fights and move on to the happy. i like spending time there better anyways. glad you had a great day my friend!

  8. I love your story and what a cutie she is! A great reminder for all of us to see the beauty in everyday moments! I totally love your purple journal page too! Great color!!!

  9. What a sweet little girl and story. You should print this in a photo book for her her for Christmas. Priceless memories.