Friday, October 7, 2011

Practicing with paint and chalk on this one. Just playing and having fun again. Notice the green and purple, you will be seeing it a lot right now it's my new fave. This was one of my first ones about a week ago. My plan is to do something creative and messy during the day and my sketch and drawings at night. Thank you everyone for your generous support and love. It means the world to me.
I learned about stencils on a blog by JULIE and made my own leaf stencil and just played and practiced using it with an ink pad. Hoping to get some spray mists soon as that would be easier. Had fun playing with this one.
I was inspired by a tissue box when I had my cold and drew these. Want to do more of them and bigger ones, maybe even on a small canvas to put in bathroom next spring or in my girls room.
Here's one from today. I used a canvas this time and plan on putting it up for Halloween. I didn't have any plans just kept pulling things out and playing like my friend Bonita said to do. NO THINKING JUST PLAY!! My kids think this is very cute and love this color combo like I do too. I swear it's all I'm thinking of right now, PURPLE AND LIME GREEN!!! Thank you everyone for your encouraging words today it really made my day and got me motivated right away.

these are two sneek peaks to the ones I'm still working on. Trying something new and it's taking a bit longer. I'm not stressing just having fun. This color combo is my new fave and I want to keep using it, is that a good thing?? LOL


  1. Oh wow.. u have been busy!! I love the last one.. so bright and colorful.. I love it!!! I can tell u are having fun and enjoying your time.... so so happy for you.. I honestly wish we could create together.. now that would be FUN! hugs xo Love seeing what you are up to... and seeing what you are making!

  2. Yes, I've been busy!!! You should see my table what a huge mess but I'm having fun so it's ok right, lol

    I wish we could create together too, imagine all the paper, glue, paint, magazines flying in the air as we whip up something awesome together!!!
    You keep inspiring me with all your work you do in one day!! It's been fun seeing what you do too.

  3. Yes.. my table is usually a mess when I create too.. that's part of the fun!

  4. Love the peeks at all your creativity! Thanks for stopping by the Sketch Support blog and leaving a comment!

  5. LOVE that green!
    Your pages are so tactle - full of expression and emotion... but still very 'free' feeling.




  7. what a little artist you are. i love the idea of playing and not thinking. gonna have to try that. i love them all, glad you're just enjoying yourself. glad you're happy!