Thursday, October 6, 2011


This is a quick page I made after starting the REAL PAGE. This only took me 5mts. and I love the results, wish ALL my pages could be this easy. It helped that I didn't overthink, just grabbed and put down. So it's my little leftover scrap pumpkin page. Going to name him SCRAPPY. The real FALL page is below and I have to admit to being nervous here ladies ummmm real nervous. Good thing you can't see me and I don't have to speak, haha ok here is my latest art pages and will have more tomorrow. A SPECIAL GRID I WORKED ON, thanks Michelle.

this is the first look
Here is the finished page. I won't lie it took me at least 5 hours to do this simple page. That is typical of me though, I OVERTHINK AND OVERTHINK some more. I could list all the issues with this page, mostly just choosing colors and sizes and my plan was to have a scarcrow next to the pumpkin, well that just didn't work so I used leafs instead. The end result still makes me very happy. I actually did some stamping on the page and the house/roof/pumpkin though it's hard to see. Looking forward to doing this again. I included some close ups of this for you too. Thank you for looking and for all of you who leave me encouraging comments I've been very blessed with the sweetest blog friends. For my new art friends A BIG THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME THE WAY AND FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND KINDNESS WITH MY QUESTIONS AND ALWAYS THERE TO HELP ME. YOU INSPIRE ME DAILY WITH YOUR ART AND STORIES, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE.
closer look at right side. I love love this house, it's my first and it won't be my last. Already have an idea for two more. So happy with the colors I found, took me over an hour to get this right. Sad isn't it, but I kept at it and love it. I worried too much about the house being too big then the roof was too big so I kept trimming it then just LEFT IT ALONE!! Finally found rick/rac to add on roof, was searching for something all day and finally found this and it was perfect. I had to put the word HOME on this page because that word is my favorite. I love being home more then anywhere else in the world. Let's hope I can whip some more of these up this month. Oh and I love my little door knob, it's perfect size.

a closer look at the right side. I love making my own pumpkins, it's been a long time and I need to do this more often. The leaf punch I own is one of my favorites, anything FALL is good for me.


  1. Oh My goodness... these are beautiful and oh so very Fall! I love them and you chose the perfect papers... love it... your work is amazing!!! Yay you!! xo

  2. thank you so much Bonita, you really helped me and are ALWAYS so kind.

  3. Dawn - I just love this so much! I am so happy to see you enjoying your art! I really love your door knob too! The two pages are so warm and Homey Feeling!

    Thank You for including me in this journey!

    As Always - Blessings!

  4. Dawn I don't know why you are nervous - your pages are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the fall colors, and the extra little artsy touches you added - like the paint on the house, and the highlights on the pumpkin! Very cool! I love your other pumpkin too - he's got great personality! I hope you keep him in your journal! Thanks for sharing!

  5. You should stand tall and proud dear friend, these pages are just so cute, adorable, fun and something that you made. I love it.
    I love houses too, especially crafty ones. Keep up the art stuff girl cause I want to see more.
    love me :-)

  6. See I do have the best blog friends, always so sweet and positive. Thank you for all your comments and loving my page like I do. All of you have helped me so much. I will let you know when the next houses are done.
    hugs to all of you!!

  7. Dawn, these pages are wonderful. So cute and homey. So very fall! You should be very proud! I love the rick rack for the roof and I love the pumpkin! So very cute! Have a great weekend! Becki

  8. Well you may love this... and I love it too! Even though Scrappy looks a little bit scary *lol*