Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Renee's had her top braces for about 5 months now and today she got the bottom ones. I love them on her, she's so adorable. She's talking funny and in pain. I bought her a frosty and some applesauce for dinner. She picked out purple bands to go with her dress this Friday!! Now her big sister can see how cute she looks, HELLO KRISTIN!!
This is a new favorite of mine, love love the colors and the how the watercolors came out on this. Can't wait to do this again. So glad to be using my pictures and art journaling with them. This is all 4 of my kids hanging out and just being them. Even Lucky is in the picture. So many stories just from looking at this. I picked out the word stickers that really sum up what I was feeling.
I have mixed feelings on this page. At first there was too much red then too much black. I knew it was going to be a LOVE page and didn't want to give up on it. So it's not my favorite but yet everytime I look at it makes me happy just seeing all their faces and cuddled on the couch together. We needed this time together and loved it every minute of it. It still tells the story of how much I love them.
did another page in my art journal. I've had this picture for a month and really like the fresh clean look of it. This page is a great reminder of what I'm doing for myself. It feels good to take care of myself and be healthy.
I love this picture of my girls creating art with me. we had the best time on Sat. spent a couple hours here just getting messy and laughing and GIRL TIME!! Look at that big mess we made and had to clean up in time for dinner. The other best part was that they stayed off their cell phones the whole time and really enjoyed what they were doing. When they were younger we always did this, they loved it but now that they are older it's rare to find them creating something with me.
this is a sweet one form my Summer girl, she loves happy pictures and birds/trees like her daddy. I like the way she did the tree too, want to do this too. she loves college rule paper only and hates if i forget and get her wide ruled instead, so funny she is.
Oh man, sorry this is flipped the wrong way. This is from my daughter Summer, she has discovered she loves drawing for almost 2 years now. It was a hidden talent all those years. Some nights before bed she will draw 20 pages filled with cute pictures of everything. Of course that means keeping a HUGE supply of journals for her to use. This one is so cute and fun.
My niece was over when we were crafting so she joined the fun too. She has a love for drawing too and is very slow and takes her time to get JUST RIGHT!! She is so cute, hoping to do more of this with her. See that flower and how she made it 3 colors she already knows that if it was just one it would be too boring nope she told me it needed all these colors.
My daughter Renee did these, I love them both. She's always liked being creative and draws a lot of fashion ideas and has already planned her wedding dress.


  1. so much art, I love it.. I love your layouts/art journal pages with the photos of your kids.. what did you use for the white border around your photos?? Love that effect.. love it! AMazing.. looks like u all had so much fun! Hoooray!

  2. thank you for looking and enjoying it all. I used a white sharpie poster paint pen, WOW say that 10 times fast, haha.
    I've been wanting one for over a year and finally got one. Told my hubby to fill my stocking with these.

  3. I love these photographs... especially the ones of all the children - how gorgeous!

    I really like the red and black page - it's warm, but not too overpowering. Gets the thumbs up from me! :)

  4. My favourite page is definately the love page, its wonderful, I just love it.
    Love the drawing of the tree and the little bird cage in it, what a lovely drawing.
    Actually I just love everything about this post, as usuall it just makes me happy.
    Love me :-)

  5. thank you so much ladies, I love sharing my artwork now and am having so much fun trying new things.

    I've got tons of photos that need scrapped and this was a great way to use some of them.

    Love that the girls were enjoying too and thought you might get a smile just seeing their cute pages.
    Thanks so much for coming by. Love that you love my LOVE page!!

  6. My favorite photo is of the table filled with art supplies and the girls so into their projects... wiwt!

    I loved that red page -- all of those hearts -- there is a lot going on but it is held really well. What I'm loving about your "scrapbook" pages is that you have moved beyond what you buy and decorate on a page to creating your own style. These pages have so much more feeling, heart, and soul. From reading your comments, you are really digging the process and it shows.

    Thank you always for stopping by my blog, generously leaving comments, and inviting me to see what you are up to.

    Enjoy your day and may you find more time for creativity.

    {soul hugs}

  7. i love these dawn!! more than anything i love that you're trying new things, experimenting, finding what you love and having fun. to me, that's the very best way to spend time :)

  8. I love all the collages and fun designs. Very beautiful and lovely.

  9. Your daughter is too cute in her braces! How special to have craft time with your daughters too. Looks like you all have a crafty gene. Have a great weekend Dawn!

  10. Wow, your journal is looking great! I love the different colors you use to express your moods! The pictures add a great touch too! How awesome that you can create with your daughters!

  11. Dawn - With my husband finally settled in and getting ready to watch some football I wanted to pop in and say hello!

    Oh How I Love This Post! You must tell Renee she is quite the BEAUTY and that I adore her braces!

    What a beautiful family! What colorful pages of art! You have been busy and I am so proud of you! I have to tell you I just love your stories! I wish that I was able to tell wonderful stories! That is truly one of your gifts!

    Well Sweet Cheeks! I have to try and get this house kind of pulled together while he is outside! I never fuss over the house when he is home! He will be leaving Monday evening so please check in and keep me posted on your artwork!



  12. Thank you sooooo much ladies. It warms my heart and makes me smile just reading these comments.

  13. She's pretty with the braces on. She'll even be prettier after those are removed. The pain that she's feeling right now will result in something beautiful: a lovely smile. :-)

  14. I think Renee looks beautiful with her braces! Such a pretty smile!