Monday, October 31, 2011


Today is a special day in this house!! It's officially the countdown to Sam's 10th birthday!! DID YOU SEE THAT?? HE WILL BE 10.... DOUBLE DIGITS..... YOUNG BOY......ALMOST TEEN......MY LAST BABY......MY ONLY BOY......where did the time go, why did it have to go so fast and all these years are like a blur. So many fun times with this boy and I don't want to forget them and have them end yet either. I have wanted a boy forever since I grew up with girls and had 3 girls before this baby boy of mine came. If I knew for sure the next baby would be a boy I would have had another one gladly but after all these girls I wasn't taking the chance.
He is extra special and extra sweet because he's the youngest and only boy. I wake him every morning telling him how cute he is and how much I LOVE HIM!!!

So anyhow why is this birthday special.... well he will be 10 on the 10th this month. I'm sure that means something and probably even has a name...... for me the 10th bday rocks in our house. We always give them a friends bday at this age and this year we are doing a laser tag party with 10 boys at our local bowling alley. Sam is over the moon excited and can't wait till it's party time.

Untill then though his sisters and I have secretly planned a 10 days till your 10 countdown calender for him and I wrapped up 10 gifts which he will get to open one each day till he's 10. It all starts tomorrow when he gets up. This is top secret and he will be soooo excited to have these extra special things for him. So thru this week I will be sharing some photos of him and his birthday Q&A that I do on their bdays and next week he gets to take the pictures for the day and help me with Project Life.

I have some pictures below that are some of my favorite of him growing up and will do more later this week and/or on his actual birthday. Hope you enjoy them and see just how big he has gotten.


  1. enjoy this time with your son... as you know.. our kids grow up way too fast.. xo so happy u are doing all this for him! U are such a great mama!

  2. I have one son and 3 daughters... and my son is the ELDEST... my first-born. I'm sure that having one son and three girls means that there is a special bond between mother and son - not that I love him any more or less than I love my girls... but he's my boy!
    Sam is a great kid - I love what you write about all of your wonderful children... and I hope he realises what a wonderful mum he has too. How sweet of his sisters to join in the birthday fun and help you to create this extra-special birthday for him.

  3. yay for 10 year old boys! they are the best...most of the time! ;) i love these pics of him, boy oh boy he's a cutie!
    and what a good idea to do the countdown...maybe we'll do that next year for gibson. =)
    you're such a cool and fun mom. always getting them involved and active in thinking about life and making their world sweeter and full of tradition and bonding. i mean really, i need to take a clue. i'm thinking it's not too late to have them start their own thankful list. maybe a jar or something. now i'm thinking...hmmmmm. i am also trying to figure out how to get them involved in dd this year.
    okay so i think his b-day is in a few days now...looking for more updates before the big day!! =)