Monday, October 24, 2011

Project Life Oct. 9-15 and what's happening around our house

Thinking of adding in a page of Renee's thoughts on homecoming to this week too. Just realized that I'm not caught up, didn't do this past week's pictures. How the heck did that happen??? Possibly due to my cold and can't think straight and all the coughing I'm doing. Will post more project life this week when I get it ready.

It feels good to be caught up in my Project Life, missed a couple weeks here and there but it's all done now. Getting ideas on how to do next years, thinking of making 4x6 for the busy weeks instead of adding in the extra page protectors, also adding in more journaling about our weeks too not sure how to add it but will think of something. We all seem to be a little under the weather here major colds with sore throats and coughing. The weather was nice over the weekend after all that rain we had. It was soooo nice to be outside again. My daughter Renee just tried out for the winter play and got 4 parts in it!! Yippeee the play is 'A CHRISTMAS CAROL" she is excited. Sam's soccer is almost over, couple of make up games then the tournament weekend and then it's his 10th birthday!! So we are going to be buuuusssy for a few weeks. One more week till Halloween already too, making plans still for this night. My menu is going ok, couple of changes had to be made and I'm working on next months which is tricky with all the activities and THANKSGIVING!! I can't wait to have that turkey dinner. Will post the menu when it's finished. Will be posting some art and scrapbook pages this week too. Hope everyone enjoys their last week of October.


  1. Hope you all are feeling better! Love your scrap book pages here, how they record the life of your family.

  2. Hope you feel better soon, its not nice being sick. I have had the hayfever from hell for about 5 weeks now and I can tell you I am very over it.
    Can't wait to see what you do for halloween and thanksgiving. We don't really celebrate them here but I love seeing all that you do to celebrate.
    As usual I am way behind of PL but hoping to catch up over the weekend.
    Started quilt #5 which I have decided is enough now LOL - not going to start any more!!!!
    Sorry I haven't emailed you but I haven't been feeling the best but hoping to get to it tonight. I have heaps to chat about DD.
    Love me :-)

  3. Thank you everyone for the get well wishes. I think this post needs to be rewritten, see 2 mistakes already, sorry. This cold has me coughing, sneezing and watery eyes all at once. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hope you are feeling better!

    Congratualtions to Renee! How exciting for her!