Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hi everybody,

My computer won't let me upload my pictures for some reason, was going to post new art and my November thankful project. So instead I will share about my obsession with THANKSGIVING!! Some of you may have heard all this before but for the new readers I thought they'd like to hear. My husband and I love love this holiday, it's all about the food for us that day. We are still thankful for this day, don't get me wrong but we LOVE OUR TURKEY!! It started when we got married and has only gotten worse. This is my one holiday that I don't stress over.... no shopping at the mall, no wrapping, no surprises, no cake, no ANYTHING BUT TURKEY!! It's so bad that even for the week or two before this day I barely cook any meat or mashed potatoes or rolls, just so we can anticipate having them on this day. We only have TURKEY this one time a year, don't mess with this tradition... my husband tried this one year and failed miserably. The last couple days before Thanksgiving nothing tastes good to me, I eat little things thru the days but really I'm just waiting for this Turkey my husband is cooking for us. We use to be able to wait till 4/5 to eat well we are soooo sad that it's usually done by noon or one at the latest.
Ok I give you permission to laugh at us, call us crazy or anything else. I know we are over the top about this but it doesn't matter this is what we do. We don't mess with the recipes either, everything is the same, EVERY YEAR!! Don't mess with what works I always say... so we have turkey, stuffing, deiveled eggs, cranberry sauce out of a can, pork&beans, corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls&butter, pumpkin pie for dessert. This is what makes us happy!!
Now let's talk about those kids of ours, you know the ones we HAVE TO SHARE THIS FOOD WITH!!! HAHAHA just kidding, we gladly share and make way more then we can ever eat. All our girls love this holiday and love it more each year, they always love the parades and sitting and being lazy, watching movies, eating leftovers for the next 2 days. The love this day and will do this with their families I'm sure.
Now how about that SON OF MINE, you know it's now secret that I've wanted boys and especially love love that I have this one and only boy of mine. Oh what joy that he was due to be born this month of Thanksgiving, we were even more happy about that. This sweet little angel was born 2 weeks before the big day, just what I wanted so I could be home to enjoy this favorite day all of us together. Well that little baby slept most of the morning like an angel then when we sat down to eat, he cried and cried for hours. That whole day he was fussy and just not his usual self. Every year since then it's gotten worse, fast forward to know since this is getting way tooo long. He hates Thanksgiving not how it become but just what it involves. NO WAY WILL HE EAT ANY OF THIS YUMMY FOOD, NO WAY TO THE PARADES, NO WAY TO ANY OF THIS JOYOUS DAY, NOPE HE EATS A CORN DOG AND MUNCHES ON SNACKS AND THEN HAS PUMPKIN PIE WHEN WE DO. Last year he was a bear all day, I'm secretly thinking of sending him to a family member this year or ANYWHERE just not HERE!! Just kidding again, but seriously how did this happen to us???? How can he not like this day, really since he was a baby this has happened. I blame it on me for wanting this to be his special holiday with us, I jinxed it!!
So that's our story about THANKSGIVING!! The next best thing is the leftovers, we get up early the next day just to have a turkey sandwich for breakfast. Hope you enjoyed my story and will try to post my pictures again tomorrow. Thanks for reading all this if you did!!!


  1. I did just read it all! So fun to read.. and really funny about your son.. u poor things.. LOL he doesn't know what he's missing.. seriously. We love thksgving too.. we love turkey.. and yes... it tastes so so much better at this time of year.. we rarely hv it any other tie.. so so good... xo loved reading this ! xo

  2. Wonderful story about your family and what is important to you!

  3. Such a sweet story! You should print this and put in a book. I can't wait for Thanksgiving either. We are hosting Fred's family at our house.