Monday, October 17, 2011

Rain rain go away weekend and updates

This weekend was a busy one and VERY RAINY RAINY ONE!! I'm sharing some pictures of all the rain just so you get an idea. It poured hard for 5/6 hours on Saturday and then just a regular light rain the rest of the day. High high winds all day that flickered our lights constantly, lucky the power never stayed off for longer then 5mts. but what a pain. There was also lightening and thundering all morning too. So we didn't do too much, stayed in and the girls and I watched FOOTLOOSE the original one and they kinda liked it. So much swearing and brief nudity that I'd forgotten about though. Have to watch out for those pg-13 movies. Sam watched some boy action movie from the library.

Renee's homecoming went AWESOME she says and had tons of fun. She looked beautiful and so grown up. Will be posting later about it because I have some photos from my cell phone that I'd like to include but not sure how to upload them, looking for my connector piece. Thank you for all your good wishes for her. I fell asleep at 10:30 on the chair waiting for her, pretty sad that I can't make it past 10 anymore.

I did have some fun in my art journal and scrapping/ art pages, since we had no good natural light all weekend I couldn't get picture. It rained all day yesterday too, the sun is already out today though so will take pictures and share them later too.

Remember in my last post about doing a December Daily album, well the idea comes from Ali Edwards who I loooove and think she's the best!! Well lucky for us she just started a little post or peek about her DD this year. It's very exciting news for those who wanted a kit and/or special album made just for this project. So go peek at her blog and she shares her links to the last few DD she's done which are always great to read and really help you. JUST CLICK ON HER NAME TO THE RIGHT OF MY BLOG TO TAKE YOU THERE. I just started pulling out my Christmas leftovers from last year's DD and thinking of how simple to make this years. Glad to see some of you wanting to join this year too.

Also working on a thankful family tree we do every year for November and will post pictures of that soon too. I just love this time of year, so many good things to look forward to and enjoy. I'm already drooling over Thanksgiving and can't wait to eat our big dinner we have.

Happy Monday everyone and thanks for coming by.


  1. Hello dear friend, We are back from helping my parents celebrate their 50th Wedding anniversary. We had such a great time, it was so nice being all together.
    My favourite movie of all time (along with Grease) is Footloose. I love that movie and looking forward to seeing the remake.
    We had some rain too this weekend but not as much as you.
    Time for DD again... not sure if I am going to do it this year, with PL and all but still thinking about it.
    Hope you are all well.
    love me :-)

  2. Sorry about the rain, we didn't get rain, but it sure is getting chilly up here.. brrrr! So happy u had a good weekend though, despite all the wet weather! hugs xo

  3. sorry about all the rain...hope your neighbor's yard dries up. what a crazy mess.
    we had one weekend of rain and it was so nice and cozy feeling but them right away it got warm again and it's been high 80's since. finally looking at some 70's this week but this is cali weather in the valley. mostly warm. but the 'ber months are here and we're ready for the rain!
    thanks for sharing with us.