Monday, October 17, 2011

New art/scrap pages and some art journal pages

I love making fall pages and adding this photo to it made it even more special. Thanks for the panchella Bonita, do you see it? LOVE LOVE THIS!! I kept adding more to this and had fun with all my favorite fall colors. Also made my first little tag, going to make more of these. I love the fall from that year, the kids had a ball decorating the front yard for fall.
So many good things about this page, the best is thanks to my friend Bonita who sent me some panchella which helped me make this page. I love the happy colors to this and that it turned out the exact way I pictured it. So even though there's no word/photos on it I'm loving it this way. Might add more stuff later but for now it's been sitting beside me making me happy. Thanks Bonita for this special gift. This was the second piece I made that night I got it.

this was about PP which I shy away from using but love so much. Once I made it smaller it was easier to play with and PLAY I DID!! Totally love the bright colors and that I can still have white showing since it's my COLOR.
had soooo much fun with this one. just wanted to keep adding more stuff to it and love the way it feels and looks like fall. all my favorites are here.


  1. OMG.... love love them all.... especially your fall pages... wow... amazing.. love the bright yellow.... these are so fabulous.!!! So happy u love the Punchanella.... it is so much fun to use.. u can find it here, feel free to tell your friends, see the link here,

  2. thank you so much Bonita, learned so much from you. I did have fun and want to play everyday now.

  3. so glad you're enjoying your art time! we all need something fun to do that makes us happy. i get like that too when you just wanna keep adding stuff. but man oh man do i have to stop myself on some of my scrapbook pages.
    love that honeycomb pattern...amazing girl! glad you have cool friends to send you products to play with!

  4. Hi Andrea,

    so glad you came by and could see my new art. you are great and crazy with your crafts which makes me happy when you share.

  5. Ah... going through everyone's posts backwards... thank for the link :)
    Great, great pages... love those rich and yet vibrant Autumnal colours... gorgeous!