Sunday, October 2, 2011


I'm positive that soccer being canceled was a good thing. I'm positive it meant we could enjoy a fall day outside at a new park and at the farmpark. I'm positive it was freezing out and we didn't care. I'm positive that the rain held off all day till we were done having fun. I'm positive it was cold enough that we ran the furnace all day today. I'm positive that it felt great to wear a turtleneck again and stay inside all day together. I'm positive it was a GREAT SUNDAY!!
I'm positive this isn't the best picture because he was bouncing. I'm positive this man is my rock and I love him whole heart and soul. I'm positive he's positive EVERYDAY and always cheers me up. I'm positive this man spoils me and loves me. I'm positive I drive him a little crazy but he just nods and says "YES, HONEY" and smiles. I'm positive he's the best husband/dad ever
I'm positive Sam likes hiding from the camera and playing hide from mom. I'm positive this boy had 3 time outs today and didn't listen to me. I'm positive this boy tries my patience everyday. I'm positive God gave me this boy to remind me of the few bad things I did as a kid. I am positive that I love this boy more everyday and positively happy to have a BOY
I'm positive these girls are going to drive me crazy and give me gray hair. I'm positive I love them more each day. I'm positive they get more beautiful and are going to be taller then me. I'm positive that I love this picture.
I'm positive Summer loved swinging and didn't want to leave

I'm positive that I never tire of looking at fall leaves
I'm positive we all love horses and would love to have a horse ranch
I'm positive these 3 are monkey's pretending to be cowboys
I'm positive these fall flowers are gorgeous and every yard should have them
I'm positive these two like riding up front of the wagon
I'm positive this is the cutest balloon COW ever
I'm positive I love fruit/veggies even if they're made out of balloons
I'm positive this is an amazing train made with balloons!!

I'm positive these 3 are best buddies and love and each other and laying on the heater


  1. I am positive that I love this post. Sorry I havn't left any comments but for some reason my computer or whatever would not let me... so i hope this one goes okay.
    Loved the photo's of all the balloons, what a cool thing - where were they taken?
    I am slowing down a little as its school holidays here and I think we all need a little time out.
    Hope you are all well and staying warm.
    Love me :-)

  2. and I am positive, you are beautiful.. inside and out! Lovely post! Loved reading it... and I think my hubby is the best hubby ever... we can agree to disagree on that one! hugs xo

  3. What a positive posting :)
    Utterly gorgeous photographs... showing what an amazing, wonderful family you have - you're so lucky!
    I'm positive that your Hubby is the best Hubby ever... for you :) Bonita's Hubby is the best Hubby ever... for her :) And MY Hubby is the best Hubby ever... for me :)
    I always say that my Hubby may not be perfect... but he's perfect for me. :)

    Stay POSITIVE!!!

  4. thank you ladies, I had fun with this post and tried to stay positive even with a few negatives in the day.

    I agree we all have the perfect hubby's for us, great way to put it!!

  5. I agree.. that is a great way to put it.... hoooray for good thoughts today! thks Dawn for visiting my blog today, I just put up a new post, I was busy today!

  6. What a beautiful post Dawn. We all need more positivity in our lives. Thank you for all your sweet comments last week! Becki

  7. i mam positive that this is my favorite post you done. so well written and just pulled me right into your day. such great pics and such great memories you're capturing. love to see you getting the positive out of the bumps in the road. you're a light my friend, i hope you know that.
    glad you had some family time...i bet you all had a blast. your monkeys sure do make cute cowboys!

    oh, and the song from my blog is by Eddie you're singing it!