Friday, October 28, 2011

November Project and NEW ART!!

Here is my November project, will post more when it's done. Just wanted you to have a peek. HOPING YOU WILL JOIN ME IN THIS!! Below is some art I've done this week, had one really bad day this week. Nothing I was creating would work the way I wanted and I gave up and was moody all day. Thankfully a positive and understanding BONITA helped me out of this funk and the next day I whipped up a few projects that make me happy. I'm thankful for all the love and support you give me here ladies, it means the WORLD TO ME!! Happy Weekend!
I created this one last weekend. I thought of the word DISTANCE and wanting to remember that this is place is important to me and I need to make the time for it. NO MORE EXCUSES! JUST DO IT !! I do like the page but wish the little squares were bigger and the letters more WHITE!! I've accepted my handwriting, it's not the best but it tells the story.
sorry this one isn't straight. my dog kept sniffing the picture and I was hurrying. I really like how this one came about. These colors were on my mind today so I did the painting first, just played. Then while it was drying went and looked for a picture and this one looked great with the grass and her pink flip flops. The only trouble was the title, didn't have all the alphas I needed so I wrote in the last "L" and then added the little trims under the photo. So happy to be creating this day since the day before wasn't working for me.
I love this picture of Renee whose the oldest looking out at the kids, it was too cold for her to get in. For once my page isn't too beachy looking which makes me happy.


  1. I love the photo and the stuff you wrote about Distance.

  2. I love your handwriting.. and yes, the distance layout is my favorite.. I am so glad you persevered and got to the place where you were just creating cuz it makes you happy.. that's the key! Hugs.. I love them all. xo have a great Saturday!

  3. Thank you ladies for the nice comments. I like the way my distance one came out and what it says to me and about me. The last painting with all the colors is my favorite.

    Thanks sooo much!!

  4. Wow, you have been busy Dawn! Your pages all look beautiful! I especially love the design on your "distance" page! The way you lined up your journaling with the photo is very cool!

  5. Awesome pages Dawn!