Wednesday, October 19, 2011


AND THE STORY BEGINS WITH SOME OF HER GETTING HER MAKE UP ON. I forgot all day to take pictures till now, how the heck did that happen!! Note to self remember camera next year.

I love this one of her, probably my favorite of the whole night. The rest of the pictures below are blurry and kinda dark. Such a bummer about that, wanted the perfect photo but it was dark and stormy out and not good lighting in my living room. You can still see how pretty she looked though and very HAPPY. I love those braces and they go with all the bling she has on already. Look at those hoop clip on earrings, she was so excited to find them today. I also forgot the camera while she got her hair done and her nails by her sister. So mad at forgetting it. So here is the young lady playing Cinderella tonight....


the fake nails (check) the bracelet (check) the necklace ( check) ready to go ( check)
too blurry I know, but still pretty
I like that all her friends had different colors and styles of dresses, so pretty they all look. So off she went to Applebee's for dinner and then to the dance. At the dance they had a little photo booth like at the malls and she and 2 friends took some pictures in it, they came out cute!! She danced all night long in her bare feet, just like I use to do. Her curls were still bouncy all thru the weekend. She said the high school dances are way better the the middle school dances because everyone dances and not just stand around. Everyone liked her dress and loved her hair. She lost the hoop earrings while dancing, I figured they would and she lost 2 of her nails. The price we pay for beauty, right?!! I think the night was magical for us both and it's only the beginning, hoping the rest go this smoothly. Next year her sister will be in HS and it will be double the FUN... I hope so!! Thank you ladies for getting excited with us and enjoying this fairy tale.
P.S. the Cinderella slept till 11:30 the next day......


  1. What wonderful memories you captured here! Your daughter and her friends are beautiful. I hope that a good time was had by all.

  2. Wow what a stunning young lady and that dress is just so beautiful. Love her hair its just so pretty.
    A big thankyou for sharing this wonderful time with us, its made me smile.
    Love me :-)

  3. Thank you ladies for visiting and your fun comments. I really wish the photos had come out better, but the story is there and that's what counts. Thank you for sharing this story with me and just wait till next year with double the fun, haha.

  4. wow... she sure looked beautiful! wow... u have one beautiful girl... amazing pics.. and don't feel bad about the whole camera thing.. I forget sometimes too.. I find I used to take it everywhere when the girls were younger, now... not as much.... u are not alone... she is amazing and beautiful.. so so happy she had such a great time! hugs xo

  5. How sweet! Love her hair and that dress is so beautiful! My favorite photo is the one after she has her make-up on and flashes that smile, showing the braces. Such a reminder of how fast they grow up, but are not quite all grown up.

  6. dawn she is absolutely gorgeous! so cute and that dress is perfect and doesn't make her look toooo grown up like some i see on the high school girls in our town. great pics regardless of the quality!
    so glad you both were excited...what a special memory!

  7. Thank you ladies for the fun comments and loving this moment just as much as we did. Let's hope they all go as smooth as this one did.

  8. Wow Renee! You looked simply gorgeous! So, so beautiful! I love your dress! Sounds like you (and your mom!) had an awesome night full of memories! Oh why do our little girls have to grow up so fast?!