Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My First Monthly Menu and Project Life

I FINALLY DID IT, A WHOLE MENU FOR A MONTH!! I can't tell you how relieved I am to know this is done for a whole month. This is not my favorite chore to do and I always waited till the last minute and went over budget or didn't have enough meals planned. Just doing it once has convinced me to do it EVERY MONTH!! On Sunday's the meal could change because of soccer but at least it gives me an idea to work with. So what are your meal plans? Do you go by weekly? monthly? I would love to hear your ideas, let me know in the comments. I'm thinking of sharing the menus every month and keep me on track.
the left side of the week and a added PP to hold some placemats I made for the kids to work on. This little note that Sam and I wrote is my favorite thing, he never does this. Kristin and baby Colt, she loved loved holding him. My sister got a new SUV very COOL!!
the right side of my album. lots of paper which is all happy stuff and fun. I like simple weeks like this one sometimes. It has my grocery list, my sticky note from 30 days of lists, scrap paper with the last few list titles on it and happy mail on the little doiley. These are the pumpkins from our garden, got lots of cute little ones. Little decorating in the house too.


  1. Way to go Dawn! This is awesome! I would like to do the whole month too. Right now I just do it weekly. I make my menu on Sunday for the week and then do my shopping on Sunday. Your decorating looks awesome! LOVE all the pumpkins on your table and outside! Have a great day! Becki

  2. Dawn,
    My comments are going to come up as anonymous today. I am having problems doing it under my google sign on. Sorry!

  3. WOW a menu for a whole month, well done. I do ours by the week and even then I leave things out. We get so busy during the week that we need lots of quick and easy meals that a good for you as well... not easy.
    Love the PL, you are doing such a great job. I have been so busy lately making cards, thats what is making me happy at the moment, but I do need to get back into project life before it gets away with me.
    We are enjoying our holidays over here, its been great to stop a bit.
    Hope you are all well.
    love me :-)

  4. Thank you Becki, glad you could come. Sorry google is giving you a hard time. I use to do it weekly too but seriously feel good having this whole month not to worry about it. Give it a try.

  5. Hi Dawn:
    I love your Project Life! It's great to see how you include things other than pictures, and I like your week at a time approach! You are inspiring me! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great idea... but could I plan a month of menus? With my family, possibly not *lol*

  7. Thank you Tracey, you must have posted this at the same time I was posting, haha
    You do a lot of wonderful things, don't worry about PL till your ready. I love seeing all the new things your up too. Enjoy the school holidays with your kids.
    Thanks Michelle and Bubbles, always makes me happy to hear from you.
    Michelle glad I could inspire you this time.
    Have a great week.

  8. fabulous pages.. wow... love it.... such a great snippet of your life when you are all done.. I tried to keep up with this one year, and failed miserably.. LOL I see the little doily in there I sent you.... hoooray!