Friday, October 7, 2011


I wanted to add some random things to this post and the artwork will follow it. First in one week my little (big) daughter will be at homecoming right now. We are both still excited, hairdo's and make-up,shoes and more have been on our minds all week. I hope it's a lovely evening full of good clean fun and laughs.
The next happiness is that I went grocery shopping today and it was a breeze. Having that menu already planned took a big weight off my shoulders. Hoping this will last all month. If some of you are thinking about it, jump in with me and share it with us.
I enjoyed reading a lot of blog today sharing their stories about Steve Jobs and what he's done to their lives. It's amazing how this one man and his amazing ideas touched so many people. Our first computer was an APPLE and we've been wanting to get another one for a long time, hope Santa drops one off this Christmas.
That's it for today, thanks for reading and for looking at my art work again. Happy Weekend!!


  1. Wow you are really having fun with this. I love seeing what you do each day, its fun.
    Still on my card making thing but hope to get back into project life next week.
    Love me :-)

  2. Tracey, thanks so much. I'm glad to have something new for you to see like your blog is to me. I just peeked at it and saw your cute apron. Cheering for you on catching up with PL, hang in there and one day at a time.

  3. Hey Dawn, glad to reconnect. As always I love your artwork, especially the leaves. I have been out of touch for a few days, took a break from work just to catch up. It felt good. I got back on my blog and that felt good too. Glad you are feeling better. Loved your comment about being inspired by the kleenex box. Some of them are soooo cute!

  4. love that the menu is working for you! we're still a day by day family but it seems to work. now that we're eating better, we don't have the fast food excuse.