Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in the life....day 2 let the fun begin

I made this drawing quickly when I woke up to take a picture of the date and start my day.
every morning I go thru this, cat jumps on table dog whines cat gets down and runs dog runs after. then 5 minutes later it happens again and again.
Summer making her own fruit pizza, we all love it now.
This happens every morning, Lucky only likes for summer to come and greet him and sit with him in the mornings.
My little cousins are here for me to babysit. One day this little guy will be running up to me.
Here she comes ready to play at cousin Dawn's house bringing a new guitar, she always runs up to me at the door, melts my heart everytime.
They have started a new bond the last couple weeks. She pets him and he sits and lets her. They are very gentle with each other. He gets jealous if she plays with us now and whines till she comes back.
she always watches the neighbor mow his grass and says Dawn your neighbor is mowing again, so funny she is. she loves this window.
oh yea he's a cutie but don't let the smile fool you, this boy didn't sleep but a half hour all day today, little stinker is training us instead of us training him.
love love this one. my dad wearing my old hometown shirt and renee wearing our hometeam shirt now. so funny and serious these two are
my son and his friend golfing in the back yard, they are funny to watch

she is chasing a butterfly and saying come here so I can catch you butterfly!!!

Today was a full day of kids and noise and tears and laughs and REAL LIFE!! I have to be honest and say this WITL isn't what the last one was nor what I thought it would be. The plan was to have more thoughts and some feelings and look deeper for my story and what I see everyday. The reality is I'm not much of a summer mom and no schedule kind of person. I like the routine that school brings and am having a hard time entertaining 2 teenage girls and one 9 year old boy. I am thankful everyday for these kids and that I stay home with them. Just want them to get along is all, is that too much to ask for.

Sorry had to vent and I never do that here but I had to keep it real tonight to get thru this post. It did help to sit down just now and look at all the pictures I took which was 130 and see some really priceless ones to me. So there is a light at the end of a long tiring day. Will go to bed early and get up to do it all over again. Thank you for stopping by and your comments.


  1. i hear ya! and i don't want to hear apologies for keeping it real with us. we want to hear that no one has a perfect life...and we want to know how we all cope with the actual {expletive} that goes on in REAL LIFE! thank you for letting us know you struggle and it's not all rosy. but we can see from the pictures that there are some major magical moments that i'm sure outweigh the arguments or bickering. summer for us is over in 2 weeks. i can't even fathom that. my hubby on the other hand is like you...ready for the days when he can send gibson off to school again (since he stays home with them during the day).
    love all the captures today...especially making a date and taking it...way to get artsy in the middle of this!

  2. Thank you Andrea for understanding and agreeing. Some days here aren't happy but I choose to share the happy ones. I have to remind myself that this is in every house, we all the good and bad days. This is usually when the boredom sits in and the everyday fun things aren't fun anymore. We start school in 3 weeks. Thanks for noticing my fun sign, trying to be artsy, haha.

  3. Hi Dawn, again I love your post and love the pictures. I really love the first one... your hand drawn picture. Its cute and I love the way it captures the date.
    I was just over at Ali's blog and going thru the posts and found yours. I love that I can go thru the blogs and then come across one by someone I know, so cool.
    I am just about to sit down and do my smash journal for today. I took a few more photo's than normal, haven't checked to see what they are like though so I hope some are okay.
    I am glad I chose the format that I did because its been so hectic around here with the kids going back to school and all.
    Before I forget, never apologise for being real, being who you are. Its important to be real in this world and we like you because you are real. The kids get up my nose all the time, I sometimes wish they would go away (not really but you know what I mean).
    Tell me all about the fruit pizza, would love the recipe.
    Anyway have a great day/night and look forward to tomorrow's post.
    love me :-)

  4. Yup... agreeing with everyone else - always keep it real and never apologise for it! :)
    Love the photos you post... so warm and lovely - real family life (especially when you let us know what's really going on). Last night my daughter got drunk, loud and leary... and my son-in-law posted photographs of himself and his bucket of vomit all over facebook... families!!! So glad I was looking after their daughter *lol*

  5. Hi Tracey, thanks for stopping by and I think you chose a perfect format for documenting. Your still including your daily list of what you did for family/work too which is perfect. I really really want to do this to. I will send you the recipe for fruit pizza. Thanks for the encouraging words too.

    Hi Selena, thanks for the encouraging words and sharing your live moments too. We do have happy moments and I have to remember them to get thru the bad ones. Thanks again.

  6. Such lovely photos and I especially like the one of your little chsrge looking out of the window at the neighbour cutting the grass. Sorry it's a sore trial sometimes, getting them all to get along.

  7. I like your idea of making a little sign for the date! Looks like a fun filled day :)

  8. That's is exactly how I feel Dawn. We don't really have a schedule during the summer. It has been so HOT here that I have been Keeping the kids inside and I can tell they were starting to get bored. They will play well with eachother for a bit and thn are fighting with eachother. My little guy has only been taking a couple 20 min catnaps throughout the day so he is crabby too. I'm really glad you posted this because this is REAL LIFE. It's not perfect, it's usually a crazy mess that keeps us on our toes. That is also part of the fun that is life.

  9. What an awesome job you did of capturing your whole day and keeping it real. I LOVE it Dawn! Love all the pictures!