Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I am still adapting to this picture taking and this was my son doing it. He was trying to make me laugh and not just smile so I'm caught in between busting out and smiling. The colors on this shirt make me happy.
This is a camp shirt I got couple months ago just like another one I have in a different color. The capri's are gray and I love them, have always wanted a pair. This was so casual and felt good for a day doing errands and playing out with the kids. They all raved about it, my own little cheering section whenever I come down dressed in something new.
I've been wanting a jean skirt for years, finally got this at Kohl's last week. Didn't find a top though so wore it with this pink ruffle one that I already had and new shoes. It was fun to wear and my hubby and kids teased me all day. I still want to find a cooler top for it though.
This is my w/o tank that I wear to the track, either with gray shorts or gray w/o pants.
I pull this on when it's hot out and don't feel like wearing shorts/shirts. It does nothing for me, but it's loose and comfy which is all that matters.


  1. Hey Dawn, Love the last dress, sometimes you just have to be loose and comfy especially when its hot.
    Bying new clothes is such a buzz and what a buzz you must be getting when your hubby and kids tell you that you look fab. I like that they tell you its nice.
    My smash book hasn't arrived yet, I am hoping tomorrow. If it doesn't then I have to wait until next week. I am going to keep my WITL pretty simple with lots of journalling. Hope it comes out like it looks in my head LOL.
    Ooooooooo carrot cake I wish one was baking right now too.
    Have a great day, love me :-)

  2. Thanks Tracey,
    It is nice to have a family that cares and is cheering for me. The girls know now that I want to shop now and they may have to wait to shop so that I can get new stuff.
    I hope your smash book comes soon so you can see it and start playing with it. Hope it turns out how you picture it. Yep, still want that carrot cake, lol

  3. Dawn Dawn Dawn, what a great week of outfits!!!
    The pink camp shirt and capris...so cute and casual. Great style and fit on you!
    I enjoy seeing your workout stuff too...along with your lounge stuff.
    I am sooooo happy that your family is encouraging you. What a blessing to have the support and I bet you are smiling ear to ear. Oh by the way, love your hair both straight and curly! Way to rock different looks and mix it up.
    I hope you're having fun with all this fashion stuff...you're worth it!
    Did someone say carrot cake??? Yum!
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Thank you for the kind words oh wise fashion girl. These are still casual yet different for me because of the size and shape. I am very proud of my family supporting me since usually all their needs come first and I shop for them and not for myself. Glad you said that about my hair, I'm never sure which way is better. usually it depends on how much time we have in the mornings. I need to go shopping again though soon before all the summer clothes are gone.
    Haha you like carrot cake too, it is good !!!
    Happy Sunday.