Friday, July 15, 2011

5 Things I've never done

I got this idea from my friend's blog and thought it would be fun to post one too. I just read this on her post and came up with 5 things really quick that I haven't done. I bet if given this more thought the answers would be different or maybe more but for now I'm happy with this one. So here's my list of thing's I haven't done.....

1. I haven't ran in a 5k but want to so bad. Was hoping to make a couple this summer but not looking good. This summer has flown by and I don't make it to the track as often as I should and want to. Hoping to get better about this for the rest of the season and maybe in Sept. might do one in my hometown.

2. I have never swam under water since being a toddler/very young kid. I had to have tubes in my ears for a long time when younger. Since then I just haven't liked water as much as I use to or still could. The kids know not to get my hair wet and I also still keep my glasses on because I can't see without them. This doesn't bother me though now, I'm very ok about it.

3. I've never ridden piggy back or been carried. These feet do not leave the ground unless reaching in the cupboard for something. I won't change the light bulbs, climb a ladder. My hubby never got to carry me over the threshold, he knows how I feel about this weird quirk I have and respects it.

4. I have never cooked, cleaned, touched or bought a Thanksgiving turkey yet it is my favorite holiday HANDS-DOWN!! I wait all year for this day and quit eating a few days before hand just because nothing tastes good to me until I can have a turkey dinner. My dear sweet hubby is the same way and bless his heart every year since forever he gets up early and does all the prepping for the turkey and putting it in the oven. He feels the exact same way about this holiday and doesn't mind. I don't want anything to do with the turkey till it's done and carved otherwise I probably couldn't eat it.

5. I have never rode on a tandem bike. This is on my list to do before I'm too old to enjoy it. My hope is to have a vacation in a cute little town where you can rent them. It would be beautiful to ride one with my husband and be along side a pond, lake, ocean, nature of any kind and just feel the breeze on us and pedal away together.

So that's my list. Not bad for only thinking about 10 mts. I will be celebrating my daughter's 13 bday with her friends at a local hotel tomorrow. We will be swimming, eating pizza and cake and lots of laughing and giggling maybe even some sleep if I'm lucky. One of these days I will have to post my unlove of birthdays. I just am not a birthday kinda mom, sorry to say it but it's true. So please send me good wishes to get thru this weekend. Happy Weekend


  1. I'm so with you on the whole 'birthday thing'... a few times I've had a household full of children running around screeching and giggling, squishing sponge cake and icing into my carpet. It's so not fun! *lol*
    Hope you enjoy your daughters birthday as much as she does and all have a wonderful weekend.

    By the way... love your number 5 on this list :)

  2. Love, Love, Love this post. I always love reading your lists they put a huge big smile on my face.
    I am so with you on the birthday thing. I mean I love for my kids to have a fun and memorable birthday but I don't really get into the whole decorating, baking thing. I have only ever had two birthday parties at home for my kids the rest of the years we have gone somewhere with their friends. Can't stand the mess and bother at home LOL.
    Enjoy for time with your daughter, I am sure it will be fun and send her big birthday wishes from me.
    Love me :-)

  3. Thank you ladies for stopping and for the good wishes. I made it thru the party and the lack of sleep from the girls staying up talking all night. So good to hear I'm not the only one about the birthday's.

    Shaleen, I don't like all the clean up after a party either. Glad you like my #5, it's been on my list for years.

    Tracey, So glad I could put a smile on your face. I love having parties for them with just us and not everyone else. I have had parties at home and away. The easier ones are a little easier,lol

  4. what a fun post!
    We cooked out first Thanksgiving Dinner this year as my brother and his wife and 2 kids came to town! My hubby did most of the turkey though, I helped with all the side dishes!!
    I rode a tandem bike, but for the life of me, I cannot remember when or with WHO!? just know that I did it somewhere a long time ago LOL!
    I have ran a 5k before but only once and over 14 years ago when my hubby and I were dating back then we ran one together!
    I do NOT swim under-water though, don't like water all that much!!!
    love your fun post!
    thanks for telling me about your blog and visiting mine and leaving me such sweet nice comments!
    tara pakosta

  5. Hi Tara,

    So glad you saw my comment and came to my blog. How cool that you rode a tandem bike and you don't like to swim under water either and did a 5k. So maybe you can do a list like mine of what you haven't done yet too. Thanks for your comment and hope you come back.

  6. Hey awesome post...glad you did it too!

    I have the same irritation with water. I don't like to get my face wet. Not sure's just weird. Only in the shower or washing my face.

    Your NEVER list is funny, things I wouldn't have thought of like the tandem bike thing. I'm claustrophobic and have a very large bubble so that wouldn't even be a consideration in my world. But I can totally see you and your guy trolling along a beach sidewalk somewhere, just being in love.

    I also do not clean raw meat AT ALL! I will help matt clean the turkey by preparing the paper towels for him to stuff it but I won't even touch it. He teases me and makes the bird flap his wings at me...keeps me laughing! =) I can season and roast one heckuva bird tho!

    Oh I sure hope one day you get to run a 5k!

    I bet we could do these posts again and come up with another 5 easily!

    Have a super day!