Sunday, July 31, 2011

WITL... Day 7 last day took 90 pictures

What a crazy day today was. Everything that could go wrong did and then some things went right. I took a lot of pictures today without even trying. Summer was gone most of the afternoon and that sent our little family spinning. I realize things go a little better when she's here and can spend her time hanging out with them together and seperately she keeps the peace more often. I did do some thinking and writing today about my thoughts this week and what has changed from last year's WITL. I am thinking of posting this tomorrow night if time or Tuesday instead of PL. In doing this week's project the stories are not jumping out at me like last years so maybe after a little looking back and digging deeper I will find some stories. I'm not even going to attempt to put this album together this week. Just going to take a breather and let it sink in and maybe the week after that give it a try.
Hope everyone had a good day and enjoyed their project. It will be nice tomorrow to not pick up my camera. So glad to have done this again though and to have sooo many pictures of our days this week. That alone is a precious treasure to me.

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