Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random things to share with you

Hi everyone, we are heading into our last week of JULY already???? HELLO???? Where did JULY go???? Just a couple items I wanted to share because for the next week on my blog it will be all about WEEK IN THE LIFE.... yep it's that time already. From sun-up tomorrow till sun-down in a week I will post pictures here everyday to show what are days are really like. It will be all the good and bad and the UGLY!!!! My camera is charged, the notebook is ready and the family has been warned and some ideas are in my head waiting to be put in a album. Here is the other news

1. There is only one month left till school. ONE MONTH.ONE MONTH. I'm sad to see it coming so fast. The house will be quiet, the lunches packed again, homework again, schedules and lots of paperwork for me. None of this sounds good to me.

2. We had new dinners the last two nights, HOORAY!! Summer made a homemade dressing and cut up veggies for the salad tonight. It was so much fun to try new things. Some of it was a hit and others a miss. The important thing is we are trying. This week will be new things too. We have frozen peas/zucchini in our freezer. We haven't eaten outside because of the HOT HOT weather and RAIN!! Hoping to this week though.

3. My project life isn't complete for this week. Summer is still needing to do the notes and pictures and her Q/A page still so maybe sometime after this week. It's going to be pretty much the pictures you see below though. I actually made 2 posts today so scroll down to the next one and see some fun pictures also. Have a great last week of July and remember I will be posting everyday this week.


  1. Love the daily stuff. Well I have started my WITL and can only say that I love the Smash book idea. It has made it really simple which is what I like. Monday I focused on my daily outfit, some thoughts from my day, a brief daily log and stuck in some stuff from my day. Hope yours goes well and can't wait to see what you do.
    Love me :-)

  2. I just saw your blog and love love love it Tracey, you are doing a great job on it. I want a smash album now too.