Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday's papers are the best and we all like to read it. Sunday's are also the best because Rich doesn't work, the only day off he gets. We slept in till 6:30 which is pretty good for us, usually we are up between 5&5:30. We love having the morning to ourselves and enjoy the quiet before the kids wake up. Today they slept in good and Rich had time to read the whole sports section which was about the Indians winning last night. Sunday's are also my favorite because he is home to help tag team with the kids and make breakfast and things mostly go smoother.

I took a photo of my sweetie mowing out an upstairs window. I love doing this and looking at our yard and over the neighborhood, beautiful and green everywhere.

I decided to wear my hair different today by pulling it back into a clip. First time I've ever done that. Then a ton of hairspray and hoped it would all stay put. Yippee it did stay and it felt nice having it out of my face and different style. Meant to take more pictures of my outfit today too. Wearing my recently new tanks and jean skirt. It was very hot again so didn't get out too much.
This is a funny story about my sweetie. I had already snuck and took pictures of him mowing earlier out our window. In this picture it's an hour later and Renee takes him out a drink and he tells her "GO ASK YOUR MOM WHY SHE ISN'T GETTING A PICTURE OF ME MOWING FOR HER ALBUM". So Renee comes in & tells me, I start laughing and go out tell him it's because I did some sneaky ones already but that I will take another one to make him happy. He is so cute and funny. Thankful he works hard in the yard and does it all for me.

my picture at 4:00 today. This is Lucky laying under my chair, he squeezes in there and sleeps nearby me. My own little shadow keeping me company.

Summer came home from a bday party and went in pool with Sam. He had been waiting all day for her. The house isn't the same when one of them is gone, especially Summer she is what holds the three of them together. They both need her and she plays best with them. Today wasn't my kinda Sunday because of this, it was long and whining because of Sam mostly and Renee just didn't want to do much. Summer gets them up and moving and laughing. Thank you for coming home Summer.

I decided to see how many things I could find to represent July 31 or just 31

a perfect ending to my second WEEK IN THE LIFE!! Thanks Ali for opening my eyes, sharing your journey, your inspiration, and my family for putting up with the camera 24/7 this week.


  1. Love your photos and your hair looks great!

  2. we love the sunday papers too, so much to read and look at. Before I forget... I love, love, love your hair pulled back like that. It looked really good, you should wear it like that more often.
    I too am happy today not to have to get my camera out. I loved doing the project but I am also glad its over. I loved all the stories I captured and I loved that I just did me. Still have to get journalling and stuff done for Saturday/sunday, hoping to get that done tonight but I have Zumba so we'll see.
    Can't wait for 30 days of lists.
    Love me :-)

  3. Thanks Rosie for the compliment, I plan on doing my hair this way again soon.

    Tracey, hello and thank you for the nice words on my hair too. It was nice to have it done different. Truth be told 15 pictures were from me taking self-portraits of my hair today, haha. I am happy not to have the camera today too, need a break. Glad you stuck it out all week and look forward to seeing it finished. I'm excited for 30 days too.

  4. so so so many things i love about your post about your last day.
    1) what in the world does your hubby do that he only has sundays off? i do love how much you love your morning time together. matt and i aren't there yet since the boys get up so early.
    2) funny story about your hubs wanting his picture taken. love how he supports you in your adventures.
    3) what a great idea to take pics of all things about the date...GENIOUS! and the microwave, seriously? so cool!
    4) your hair looks super cute up! you're so pretty and we can see that. super cute summer style!
    5) like to hear you talking about missing Summer when she'd gone. can't you just imagine her being the one to round up all the siblings after they've all moved out. i wish my kids were just a smidge closer in age so they had a closer bond. i'm sure it will happen over time.
    6) is that corn on the cob from your garden? i always love seeing all your lush green lawn...would love to see a pic of your view from your porch or backyard. just to see the wide open space. =)
    glad to know you're taking a break before you put it together. i am also finding it hard to come up with the words. my templates are done and that's exciting!

  5. i just spent like 10 minutes commenting and it said my comment would show up after approval...hope it shows up soon!

  6. Love all the pictures and I LOVE your hair like that!

  7. Andrea, I'm sending you an email about your questions. Glad you liked my date ideas, it was fun to do them.