Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random fun things we've been doing

We had lunch at Eddie's Grill/DQ. I couldn't believe this blizzard was a small. None of us could finish our treats, they were just to big. It was fun though to eat here.
We rode on go-carts for the first time. We did this twice it was so much fun to race each other.
We rode on some boats, it was hard to work these. Our hands/arms were tired afterward. It was fun to do this with the kids and bumping into them though.
Sam has been drawing again. Love when he does this and it lasts for a couple days then waits a month till he does it again. He was having us pick out Pokemon's to draw.
It was hot out and the kids stayed in the pool for hours just taking a break to eat some Wendy's on our deck. Still love eating out there.
Here is our newest mower in the family. She loved it at first then realized you have to work/sweat/line up the rows not just mow wherever you want. We all stood out there cheering her on. The other two mowed a little too but we might just let Renee take over the front yard this year.
We visited our local YMCA Dream House. You buy a ticket to tour it and they pick the winner next month. The kids/Rich loved it and I liked it. Last years was more my style. It is fun to dream though of living here. It had tons of bedrooms and space for a scrap room.
Rich camped out with the kids. They didn't sleep good since Rich kept snoring the kids kept trying to wake him but nothing worked. Lots of laughs about this.


  1. Dawn!!! What a fun week you all had, it looks wonderful :) Hope you and your lovely family are keeping well. Smiles across the seas

  2. Looks like you had a great week!

  3. Looks like a fun week. How fun about the dream home.

  4. I just love the photo's of your fun summer holidays so far. Loved the story about camping out, it made me laugh. I loved the dream house, what a pretty house. I have everything crossed for you that you win.
    Love me :-)

  5. Rene', so good to hear from you. Your PL was wonderful this week, love seeing your handsome boys.

    Lois, hello and thanks for stopping. We did have a fun week, none of it was planned, just happened.

    Sarah, The Dream house was magical and beautiful and huge. I took pictures of the inside too. We try every year to win and haven't in yet. Maybe this will be our year.

    Tracey, Glad I made you laugh. It is the joke here this week. The kids don't realize you have to roll him over to his side to quit snoring. Thanks for the good wishes on the Dream house.

  6. Glad you have been having a fun summer. I love that Sam is drawing, kids are so creative. We need someone to mow our lawn, can you send her over ;-) Oh, and the dream house, I hope you win...you deserve a scrap room. Have a great week.

  7. The YMCA dream house is beautiful! I think it is crazy that the Blizzards are so big. We always share when we go. :)