Sunday, July 10, 2011

My plans for Sunday, what are you doing today?

I am hoping that if these plans are written/typed down then they will get done. These are just a few things for me to do today out of the 100 I want to do, lol. The days are going so fast and I seem to be dwelling on it too much this summer. Usually my nature is to rush them along and get it over with. Summer just isn't my thing, sorry for those of you who love it. I like the schedule and routine of the school year and not having all this free time on our hands. But this year for some reason summer means a lot to me and I want to treasure and make each day full. Maybe I'm overthinking it too much this year and that's why it's rushing by. It could also be because of what I just saw at Wal-mart, are you ready for this??? If not stop reading now and just skip to my list for the day????


This really shocked me and made me sad instead of the usual happy feeling I get when seeing this. So I'm not ready to send the kids back and I'm not ready for the routine of school yet. No more talking of that "S" word here now. On to my plans for today:

1. going to the track, right after I post this while it's still cool out
2. laundry, dishes, vacuum
3. take kids to the stream and get flat rocks for a art project this week
4.girls and I to finish our butterfly project
5.write the kids list of chores, workbook pages, reading time and fun stuff
6. making my first zucchini bread with fresh zucchini from the garden hooray hooray
7. play baseball and basketball with kids and sit under a tree and hang with them
8. work on my cousin's scrapbook, her bday is coming and I always do one for her bday
9. get more ideas for Week In The Life coming up, I can't wait!!!
10. think of a banner idea for Summer's 13th bday coming up, aaaahhhhh
11. we are going to Outback for dinner tonight, hooray for eating out
12. to take in the moments and to listen, see, hear what is going on around me and enjoy it and treasure it then write it down.
13. last item to do is work on my PL for this week, it might be a paper only week or mostly paper.

Happy Sunday to everyone, I would love to hear what your plans are for the day.


  1. It is bitterly cold over here so not much going on that doesn't involve the heater LOL.
    Went for a 1hr 10min bush walk this morning, it was very cold but every so invigorating. Saw heaps of kangaroos, they were everywhere (picture on my blog).
    Hoping to get some stitching done this arvo I am way behind on my quilt, way behind.
    Hope you Sunday was good and hooray for eating out, I so love eating out.
    Love me :-)

  2. Sounds like a fun and busy Sunday!

    We just got home from camping. Bailey is now at a birthday party and Fred is working on a side job. I am unpacking, doing laundry, making a grocery list and on the computer! HA!

    Have a great week Dawn!

  3. I would love to do the things on your list! I think I will add some to mine next weekend if we don't go out of town.
    I am glad you got to play and have more talk of school, and yes, I saw the HUGE school display at Target. WHAAAAAT? I'm surprised there aren't boots and hats and jackets in the clothes sections yet.
    We had a good weekend, lazy but good. We took the boys to the football field on SUnday to run routes and drills. Conditioning camp started yesterday and he's EXCITED that he's playing. So did you guys do football too, but now are in soccer? That's cool!
    Other than that, I editing pictures, got 2 more PL layouts done. Yay!
    I am not sure if you checked out my WITL from last year...but check it out...we have a very crazy and fun week!
    if you click on the link it will take you to my flickr set of this project. the order goes DAY INTRO PAGE, then DAY DETAILS (which if i ever print these, it will go at the end), then DAY PICS (2 page spread so you'll have to imagine them side by side). I used Cathy Z's templates and just changed the colors and added my own stuff. I did them all digital and will eventually print them on nice photo paper for a book. Let me know what you think! =)

  4. Thank you ladies for sharing your Sunday plans with me. They all sound busy and fun to me. Yes Becki even the chores you had to do after all the fun you had. The funny thing is my hubby didn't know I posted this and surprised me and took us out for a day of fun shopping, movies, eating out and just having fun with the family. We really needed it and so only some of my list got done, lol.
    Andrea, I have to check out your WITL pages, so excited to see them.
    Happy week to everyone.