Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the 3

I was using this as my starting date for the day and a glimpse of our calender for the month

Sam playing with his new toy we just bought at Walmart. The kids were funny and great at the store.
scrambled eggs and red skin potatoes for lunch, the kids liked it and said it smelled good when I was cooking them.
they are packed and off to grandmas
dropped kids off at grandma's where there cousins were too.

did a little bit of coloring, stamping, drawing, sketching nothing great just playing
Did some reading and loved both of these magazines.

I'm going to start share my worksheets that I downloaded from Ali's blog and write some thoughts on it as well. These are great for writing quick little notes on and made it easy to catch up on my days thoughts. To me the writing is just as much fun and is important to include.

OBSERVATIONS: Sam telling Lucky our dog he loves them constantly thru the day and any time we have to leave him. Ummm yes he says this more to Lucky then he does to me,lol

OVERHEARD: Sam playing the CD Lemonade Mouth outside while riding his bike and singing loudly, love love that he will do this. Most boys wouldn't do this.

Gratitude: For conversations today with my cousin Sonja, she really really helped me deal with the issues from yesterday. She is wise and has a great outlook on life and reminds me that kids are kids and they are different from when we were kids. I'm always thankful God brought us closer together as adults. The way she explains and understands makes me calm down and feel like I can do this "MOM" role.
Thankful for my looong visit with friend Laureen today too. She understands and relates to my issues too because her kids do the same things. We give each other tips and share laughs and makes everything feel normal again. We've been friends for 8 years now and we've been thru the bad and the good.
Everyone needs a support group or a buddy to help us get thru these times or even just to share the good stuff with too.

FAVORITE MOMENT: Sam hugged me and said thank you for taking him to Walmart to get his new toy and for finding the right one he wanted but couldn't find himself. He does try to thank me for all the little things I do for him.


  1. Don't you just love it when the kids go to Grandma's... ahhhhh love it. I am glad that you did some creative playing and didn't do anything silly like housework LOL.
    I am still having fun with my smash book but its tough to keep going every day. Last night I just wanted to relax and do nothing but I told myself that this little book will be a great treasure in future years so just keep going.
    I can't wait to see how you put yours together and love seeing your daily photo's again.
    Have you been getting the emails about 30 days of lists. OMG I am getting so excited.
    Have a great day
    Love me :-)

  2. Loved the pictures and craft time looked fun!!

  3. I've just finished with a houseful of children (adults really though *lol*), their boyfriends, friends... jumping on the trampoline and cooking red-skinned potatoes (funnily enough) and chicken.
    The kitchen is a mess, eldest daughter has gone with her friend to grandmas house and her boyfriend has left to visit his own mum. Youngest daughter gone shopping and her boyfriends gone home...Can you just hear that sigh of relief escaping from me now. LOVE my kids (and their friends etc) but the peace and quiet is so lovely :)