Saturday, July 30, 2011

late start on dinner, making BLT's
Sam is playing with the spray guns here but look in the background. See those cool awesome tons of basketball hoops. That is what I wanted to do, it would be so fun to have a hoop for each of us at one time and could play. Didn't have time though, darn it. Might have to come back.

love this photo of him smiling and enjoying this slip/slide.
The girls are on that blue boat and us 3 rode on another boat. so relaxing and pretty

Rich going down lazy river with kids then we did the slides, lunch and onto the pedal boats which I liked.
look at him go and his long hair flying in the wind, that's my boy!! He was actually nervous
Sam was tall enough to ride the go-karts, he's excited. Turns out they weren't that fun, he got hit a couple times and it made his head jerk back hard. I saw it happened but he had to keep going, poor guy.
love love this, we are on way to water park and Sam is in back pulling out his loose tooth. It's finally out, yipppee no more crying and pain for Sam. So fun taking this picture
wrote a note to remind hubby we need peanut butter and his mom needs his help

grateful for Lucky getting me outdoors more to enjoy nature's beauty & wet dew still on the grass and my shoes
love seeing this morning ritual

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  1. What a lovely glimpse into your busy day!